Friday, July 23, 2010

Leo and Hestia

The sun is in Leo the Lion.

My journey around the zodiac continues.

My Homemaker is my archetype in this 5th house.

Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, is my muse.

I have been reading about homemaking.

I have been a homemaker for 38 years,
perhaps even longer.

 For a few years,
when I lived with my parents before I was married,
 I did the house cleaning, cooking and child care.
My Mother took a job outside of her home.
At the tender age of 14,
 I became a homemaker.

I have always treasured my homemaking.

My Mother was not able to teach me many
 of the homemaker's skills.
She already had taken to the modern way.

My Mother was a self taught seamstress.
She painted gorgeous pictures with her embroidery needle.
Her crochet work was so beautiful.
Always to busy to teach me.

Today I am looking to Hestia
to teach me the joy of homemaking.
To help me understand how the essence of everything comes
from the hearth.

I am looking at my living room,
Hestia's domain.

I am spending more time in my living room.
I am reassigning space.
An old china cabinet has become my herb and tea cabinet.

I am finding ways to enjoy
my  summer hearth.
I can spin at the spinning wheel
and look outdoors at the birds and butterflies.

We have two fireplaces.
One is upstairs in our living room
 the other is downstairs
in our basement.

We are clearing out the basement.
A few crickets will be given a home elsewhere.
I am honoring my Homemaker
in Leo.


Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry, such an interesting post. You will be making many changes. This time of year, the house takes a back seat, too much to do outside. The gardens will always come first for me. I may have been a gypsy in a previous life!

I love my is old.....and has a lovely atmosphere.
There is much that needs doing but somehow it is becoming less important, I am happy to live under her roof.

My mother was a stay at home Mum.....she taught me to cook.
She also taught me to knit and crochet. My mother made all my clothes and knitted my cardigans and jumpers. She could not afford to buy new.........

We each have our own story......tku for sharing yours.

Tammie Lee said...

sounds like a wonderful time of embracing your life, your environment, taking action to learn the things that make you happy. Sometimes what someone does not teach us, inspires us to learn. I have that experience in me. Wishing you lovely summer days.

Wendy said...

Homemaking is so important. It is nurturing and Hestia is the nurturer.

Sounds like you are enjoying making good changes in your home.
Love & Light

Calgary said...

Very insightful and thought provoking post. When I initially saw the zodiac pictures i knew i would enjoy the read. I was right = )

A wildlife gardener said...

What an interesting post...and I relate to it very much...

I have enjoyed being a home-maker too. In my time I have knitted, sewed, embroidered, crotcheted, gone through cooking and baking phases, papered and decorated, tiled kitchen and bathroom, and designed gardens to reflect the people living inside the house...

My Mum did all these things too, and yet my sister and I never had a lesson from her...maybe we just felt if Mum could do it, so can we. I'm not sure, but we managed.

I certainly believe in being creative in the hom, for the home becomes the centre of the family's life when they are growing up and we all hold memories of our homes till we die...

I can remember decorating each of my son's bedrooms with a self colour, so that they could have posters on the walls...which showed their interests over the years as they grew into manhood. As they each left home at the age of 21, we didn't see any Bunnygirl posters...perhaps they were in the flats they shared before buying their own flats!

Anyway, a great post with lovely illustrations...thanks for sharing, and allowing me to share with you :)

TC said...

More men should be homemakers, don't you think?

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