Saturday, October 23, 2010


We celebrate Scorpio rising.

We honor those who are born during this sun sign.

Today I will sit with the mums and
welcome this sign of the zodiac.

The Alchemist is my archetype
that is associated with this sign.

I am reading the writings of famous
mystics and alchemists.

For the next twenty days

I will be following
"The Way of the Wizard".
Lesson one informs me the Wizard is within.
I am listening for the voice of the Wizard.

Scorpio is in the southern sky.
Antares is the red super-giant star that is
it's  heart.
As the Alchemist knows
"As above so below
As below so above".
"We are one," says the Wizard.


Wendy said...

Love it! I am a scorpio. Will be 59 soon! I like the alchemist books you are reading and knowing that the wizard is within. I need to communicate with mine.
Oh, I like that you sit and welcome each new sign in. I will do that too!

Crystal Calliope said...

I've always felt a kinship with Scorpio. Not so much the people themselves (I only know a few) but the sign. I was born early, but I was supposed to be a Scorpio and I think that there's a sort of longing in me for the sign I'm not. Oh well. Thanks for the lovely post.

Anonymous said...

"The Wizard" by Uriah Heep. I sing and play it.

My mom says reading too much into astrology is not good. But I'm still very curious.

Tammie Lee said...

fun post on scorpio... I am a double pisces with scorpio rising... lots of water. somehow i like that scorpio can set free the wild, passionate underground part of us. such freedom!

wishing you a lovely week and beyond.

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