Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

The Full Long Nights Moon was the moon of the luna eclipse
in today's predawn hours. My skies were overcast but I knew this event was happening.  The clouds broke apart long enough for me to see the Moon set this morning.
I made my wish. I made a Winter Solstice Full Moon wish.

Winter Solstice arrives this evening.

We have had halcyon days. Soon the winds will shift and bitter cold air will blow onto the plains.

I collect moon lore.
I follow the moon.

My friend came over to spend Winter Solstice with me.
We walked in the cemetery across the street.
We talked.
We have been friends since Kindergarten.
I treasure her.

The gardens are always so lovely
with snow and frost.
I hope we get a snowstorm before Christmas.

These long nights are perfect for hand sewing.
I am teaching myself how to quilt.

I want to make a crazy quilt.

I am learning.

I am inspired to do hand sewing.

Capricorn arrives today.

This is my sun sign.
My archetype in Capricorn is the Goddess.

I am approaching my Goddess
with open arms.

I am reading myths and
studying caves.

I am planning a few field trips.

It is a busy day.

It is Winter.
It is time for hot co-co
and snuggling up in front of the fire.

Happy Winter Solstice.


Forward2 said...

What an interesting and eye-catching post! Happy Winter Solstice to you, too!

Kiera-Oona said...

If you are into sewing, doing a crazy quilt is not difficult, its just a bit time consuming. There are alot of web tutorials, and it always helps if you have a bit of sewing knowledge wether it be by hand or by machine. (I like to use the machine cause it goes faster.)

if you want to check out my crazy quilt, just head over to my DIY crazyness blog.

Just one tip, save up alot of scraps. I have a cloth shopping bag FILLED to the brim of scraps

Wendy said...

Those quilts look like fun! I love the flower appliques. Nice to have a friend celebrate the Solstice. I hope you drank hot chocolate by the fire afterwards. Ummmmmm.

comedyrocks.com said...

As an occasional blog visitor I just wanted to wish you a happy and healthy 2011!
Keep up the blogsite - I love it!