Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

We walked twice today.
Once in the morning to greet the day and again in the evening.

A Ground Hog is living under our deck.
I am some what concerned.

The figs are growing.
I hope he leaves them alone.

We had a mix of sun and clouds today.
I send my prayers to those who are suffering from the floods of the Missouri and Missippissi Rivers.
We have had too much rain this spring.
Perhaps the summer will be drier.

Fossils continue to find places of honor in our home.
Our son gave this gorgeous one to his Dad a few years ago.
It is now on the mantel.

Happy Birthday to all those who celebrate in the time
of Cancer the Crab.
Cancer is my moon sign.

My archetype in Cancer is my warrior, my sabatuer.
I travel the path of the Hero.
I live the way of the non-violent warrior. 
My sabatuer helps me stay peaceful. 

I celebrate the sun today.
I celebrate the summer sky.
Bright orange lilies grace the back yard.

We shall try to catch our Ground Hog friend.
He seems to like the bird seed I put out.

We will try to relocate him to a safer habitat.
Happy Summer Solstice.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

The ground hog is sweet. We do not have them here.
Rabbits are eating the plants.....the warm spring has given them the opportunity to breed. Some have had three litters to date. I am over-run with rabbits.

I also have my moon in Cancer......

I was in the garden very early yesterday. It was a cloudy day....I did not see the sun rise.
Time passes so quickly......

I do hope the rains slow down and those who suffer can start to get their life in order. Such a terrible thing......

Vetsy said...

I agree that, that fat ground hog has got to go...Especially now that he is taking the liberty of eating your birdseed...Lol!

I hope that July brings relief from all this crazy rainy weather. It is cool and rainy here today as I write this comment... It's been a crazy spring! My prayer's are with those who suffered loses in the states you mentioned because of our unusual weather this year.

Suz said...

oh if only he visited my deck
he's just a visitor of nature's passing through..lingering a bit....
don't hire someone to "relocate" him
they just kill them
I am curious as to what a groundhog means as an animal guide..a woodchuck
gotta go look it up

Angie said...

Hi Sherry, I missed you while you were away. I was so happy to see your comment on my blog, to know you were home safe and that you had a lovely journey. :) This time of year is so full of subtle anticipation and child-like excitement, is it not, each morning when I walk out the door to see what treasures sprang up or opened while the stars (or clouds :d) danced high in the sky overnight. I discovered that a nastursiam is budding and I'm thrilled. :)

We have groundhogs too but they shy away from the house, probably because of the pups. However, I DID have a red Fox Squirrel come to visit my birdseed feeder two days ago. :) I know to a lot of people they are pests, but oh he was so beautiful! and they've never ventured out of the woods and to my house before. I was thrilled to see him. :D

(How is it that after all of this time, I didn't realize you are in Missouri...hmmm) Happy Summer Solstice, my friend!

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Blue bird said...

notmany people notice the summer solstice.Not as joyful as in the winter. julia/Blue bird

Tammie Lee said...

so much summer treasure in your post. Yep I would try to get that critter to move on too. I have them all over my yard, but do not have anything but wilderness planted. Lovely summer to you!