Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living in color

October is in her fancy dress.

Her colors astound me.
Her relationships
enchant me.
From sunrise to sunset
I am awed by October's colors
I am in love with October.
The Goldenrod continues to provide.
Black Pansies are for me.
A fancy flower for my baskets.

White mums are also for me
but I see the Ghost Spider also likes them.

I am in relationship with the bugs and the birds. They know me.
Red Bellied was able to get my attention this morning.
A cat was under his nut feeder!
The female Cardinals are the dearest of friends.
We have breakfast together most mornings.
The Robins are no longer afraid of me.
It is October.
I am living in vivid color.
I am living in grace.


cathy said...

Love that black pansy. Never seen that before. Ah, I might actually get a week of sun this week.

Wendy said...

Hey, blogger ate my comment! Love your photos, Sherry.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Autumn at her best......love the rusts.
The black pansy is unusual, would look beautiful with those oranges?

Love seeing your birds bees and butterflies.
The hairstreak is so pretty. I wonder how the survive, such tiny creatures.

October is a lovely month.....one to enjoy as we walk the path to winter.

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Barb said...

You are in harmony with autumn, Sherry. The Ghost Spider is wonderful, and I love the black pansy - but the vivid colors of fall draw my attention. It is snowing in Breckenridge - my fall colors are turning to white.

K-none said...

wow beautiful╮(╯▽╰)╭
i love it

Vetsy said...

I love this post it's lovely. I think you conveyed October well.

Rohrerbot said...

Love your photo shots.

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WoW! super love your photos.. really enjoyed your blog.

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Jen said...

Just thumbing through the blogs, your pictures are amazing!

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