Monday, September 24, 2007

Walking Backwards

My neighborhood was once a farm.
The farmhouse still stands.

Before the farm, prairie schooners in wagon trains created deep ruts as they headed west. I live near the Santa Fe Trail.
Remnants of these times gone by decorate porches and driveways.
I am interested in learning about this land before the people came.
I am interested in learning the Natural History of my corner of the world.


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Q,
I like the photo of the frog today.
Yesterdy I saw frogs jumping and leaping into a pond as i walked by.


Q said...

Dear Becky,
Frogs are a link to the water world for me too. I shall come hopping and leaping over to your garden.
Autumn in the meadow must be divine.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What a nice little toad! Your butterfly pictures are great.

Q said...

Dear Iowa Gardening Woman,
I do like the butterflies.
I am wanting to learn about the Natural History of my area and am having a hard time finding books on it! I might have to broaden my search to include the entire Mid-West!
Iowa is a lovely state. I have often visited.

Sprite said...


I have enjoyed the walk back through time today, looking at the farm equipment and wheel photos.

I love the frog, was that a frog or a toad, it looked green on the bottom?


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Learning about the area I live in is very interesting. I would like to find a book that tells the story of the land. So far I have not found such a book. I will keep searching.
I do not know the difference between toad and frog. I think this is a frog but I could be wrong. I see green on the belly...frog? toad?
I do feel the connection to the water. I know once my area was a huge lake. The fossil story tells this.
As I learn about the Natural History of my area I will share.
Thank you for walking back in time with me.
We are time travelers...