Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From the tip of my head....

to the tip of my toes, inside and outside,
I am out of alignment.
I call it being, "Out of whack."

I am partaking in all sorts of yummy treatments.
Back into whack treatments.

My doctor would like me to grow my medicine.
She would like me to fix my teas from my herb garden.
My Purple Cone flowers have always been for the butterflies and the birds.

I have been thinking about this.

Thinking about growing a medicine garden.
Thinking about growing enough for the birds and the butterflies and the bees and me.
There is more than enough for everyone
including me.

I am going to do this. I am going to grow my medicine. I am getting back into whack.


smilnsigh said...

Please may I ask, how do you know you are "out of whack"?

I hope this isn't a silly sounding question.

I sort of know what it feels like, to have favored one side or the other, if one had a 'bad back,' etc. And that feels 'out of whack.'

And I well know when my lower region is 'out of whack.' And when it is... more 'back in whack.' :-)))

But alll over. How does one know they are in need of some sort of 'alignment,' all over, so to speak?

Please and thank you...


Mireille said...

Very beautiful flowers and photos...and I love the bird, what is it? He looks like a sappho?
I try also, in my little garden to grow lots of plants for insects and birds...and for me it's a real joy.
Thank you

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
My massage therapist told me I was
out of alignment She asked me if I had been in a car wreck!!!
My elbows,knees,ankles and hips all just tiny out of place which makes muscles and tendens go out too. My low back and neck were out and my diaphragm was all crunched up!
My my therapist thinks maybe my gardening posture is causing all my aches and pains.
I will be working on posture!
No worries! All questions are good questions.

Mary said...

...and don't forget to stand tall and breathe deeply. I think about that every day. I want to be in whack, too :o)

Q said...

Dear Mireille,
My little bird is a female Hummingbird. I think she is very cute!
Looking forward to visiting your journal getting to know you.
Thank you for coming by.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I was thinking about doing a post on posture! As soon as I can figure out a photo to go with I will. Until that time shoulders back, lead with the heart and smile!
I am off for massage again today.
I shall let the wind blow dry my hair!
Thanks for walking with me...I know I am not alone as I get back in whack.