Monday, May 19, 2008

Wild Ginger

Under the Redbud tree wild ginger grows.

It is in bloom now.

The heart shaped leaves of the Wild Ginger
go nicely in the heart shaped bed and
with the heart shaped leaves of the Red Bud.

It is native to my area but has become scarce.

It is a ground cover.

I have found I am not able to go walking every day but I still want to get some exercise in. So I began walking rapidly in place each time I go to the bathroom. I walk fast too, for one minute. I go to the bathroom at least once an hour (all that water and good herb tea).

Most days I am up at 7am and to bed at 10pm. One minute, 15 times a day!
I hope to build up to two minutes.


Merisi said...

Thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my Strawberry blog. What a great way to find you too!
I was never aware that Wild Ginger grows in the US and what it looks like (I lived in the DC area for many years). Are the roots edible, should they even be dug up?
I will be back!
(Have you been to my Vienna blog, Strawberry's only my little frippery.)

Mary said...

I've never seen wild Ginger or maybe I didn't know what it was.

Keep walkng briskly, Sherry. You will get stronger. I try to climb stairs every day. Living in a ranch-style home, I don't get the workout and there are no stairs at work, either. So, my neighbors might think I'm confused when they see me up and down the steps in front of my house for five minutes. Oh, well.

Q said...

Dear Merisi,
I have enjoyed your Vienna for Beginners blog so very much. Beautiful city as seen through your camera lens.
Wild Ginger is native here. It is becoming rare as more and more forest is being turned into neighborhoods. I hope home owners will think about planting native species so we can maintain our bio-diversity. It is a lovely groundcover. The roots can be dug and eaten. I let mine roam freely in this bed!

Q said...

Dear MAry,
You may have seen wild ginger while birding. I do not know if it is native in your state or not.
The jogging in place is helping with my energy levels. I think climbing your stairs is a great idea. We need to get our heart rates up. I am working on slim and trima nd being healthy!
Thank you Mary for your support and kind ways.

Marie said...

Several beautiful posts since my last visit. I havw never seen ginger before. Have a nice Sunday :)

Q said...

Dear Marie,
I would love to walk 45 minutes every day but I cannot always do so. Sometimes it is a quick walk about the gardens.
Today I was distracted by the Wild Ginger.