Monday, September 22, 2008

Walking in Autumn

I was out running an errand this morning
and decided to stop and walk on my old walking trail
in Kenagy Park.

Whispering Tree was still standing tall.
Her oak leaves are just beginning to turn.

Orange Sulphurs drank dew drops off the grass

as did the Buckeyes

and Black Swallowtails.
Monarchs flew over head on their way south.
It was so fun to walk on my old path.
So fun to walk in Autumn.


walk2write said...

I am looking forward to some cooler weather and walks in the woods. It's rather warm again today here in S. Illinois, not much different from Florida. You found some lovely subjects.

marmee said...

what beauty to behold! it is still pretty warm here too. it will be so nice to start our afternoon walks, too.
your pictures are so spectacular!

Q said...

Dear Walk2write,
I also am looking forward to a wee bit cooler afternoons! It has been in the 80's and just a tad too warm. I love crisp apple mornings and sweater afternoons!
Thank you for walking with me. I hope to come back to my old walking path.
Happy Autumn,

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Thank you. I was so happy to see the butterflies on my walk in the park. Other walkers were on the trail and one stopped me while I was photographing the Buckeye. She asked me what I was doing. I pointed to the Buckeye butterfly. She gasped, she had never seen one, never noticed them.
I loved talking about all the beauty that was here, on the walking path, in the city!
Walking in Autumn is beautiful.

TC said...

With a more potent variety of poison ivy out now, I must be ever so vigilante when walking in the woods.

I enjoyed my walk with you. ;~)

Q said...

Dear TC,
I do not think I have a reaction to poison ivy. I know I have been around it and have been okay. Walking in the park was a delight. It has been a couple of years since I walked here and I was so happy to see my old Tree friend. The butterflies were a gift for sure.
Nice to meet you.
Looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you and your area.