Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

A southern breeze brought
the temperatures up
to 60 degrees!
I went walking.

Mockingbird was in the backyard when I returned home.
It is strange to be outside in my short sleeves.
Thundershowers are in the forecast.

It felt good to walk. I need to walk every day.
I think I will take another spin around the block.


cindygert said...

Hi Sherry,

I love your blog. Beautiful pictures. You have amazing wildlife in you area.

Yes I love to felt. I take mostly old sweaters and them make them into bags. I have a studio that is 10x10. I am quickly outgrowing it. Hopefully over the next two weeks I will be moving to the basment so I will have 15x12 space to work in.

I hope your Christmas was fun.

Take care,

Q said...

Dear Cindy,
Thank you! "Walking In Beauty" is my walking journal. "Q's Corner" is my blog about the birds and bugs in my backyard. "Artful Living" is where I post about the art projects I am doing.
I love your bags. They are great.
I have been making purses and hats from the, felted in the washing machine, wool sweaters. My linings are silk dresses I pick up second hand.
I am looking forward to having a studio and making felt from the rove. I also would love to dye my own fiber.
Your bags are so pretty. I hope to do a "feature artist of the month" series come January and will feature you and your work if that is okay with you.
Happy New Year.