Friday, December 26, 2008

Searching for blue

On Christmas day we saw a Blue Bird
perched on the corner of the garage roof.

I am looking for the Blue Birds today.
I am looking for blue,
my new favorite color.
My color for the New Year.

I heard the sounds of children playing,
hoops and shouts
and all sorts of merry making.

It was 63 degrees.
The kids were in tee shirts
and jeans.

Out too, was Yoda.


Cathy said...

Now that unusual Yoda but Blue is a great color. It can be either be a happy blue or a sad one. Also it can be a very peaceful color too.

tina said...

It has been warm! Way too warm and it feels more like spring than winter. I say three bluebirds take off all at once in my garden this morning. The cat probably scared them. I thought it unusual to see three fly together. Good luck with your search. Maybe Yoda can help you?:)

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I am smitten with blue. I fell in love last year and still do not have enough blue in my life!
The kids were having lots of fun. I had not seen Yoda for years.
Fun for me...
Hope you have a great New Year's Eve.

Q said...

Dear Tina,
The warm temps sort of scare me!
The deep freeze and now the thawing, causing my mums to heave!
Crazy weather.
Always a delight to see Blue Birds. I seldom see them in my gardens. I know some live across the street in the cemetery. I always wish they would come over to the feeders! Seeing one on Christmas was a real gift.
Hope your Blue Birds return...
birds that bring happiness I think!