Thursday, February 19, 2009

Down the street

I was sitting on the deck listening to the sounds
of the roofers next door.
Their hammers were loud as they removed the old roof.
Three men produced a steady drumming.
During a break in their work and from a distance
I heard the answering drumming of a woodpecker.

I decided to take a walk down the street.
I decided to look for signs of spring.

Daffodils are coming up.
In another month they should be in full bloom.

My neighbor's Blue Spruce was exceptionally blue.
The tips of the branches shimmered in the sunlight.

This spinning wheel has been on this porch for over thirty years.
The new owners kept it right where it has always sat since I have lived
in this neighborhood. I look at it often.
I want a spinning wheel. I want to learn to spin.
A new friend said she will teach me. She has two spinning wheels.
Next Tuesday I am going to her house.
Next Tuesday I will sit and hopefully spin.


marmee said...

it is time to look for the signs of spring however slight they might be. the blue spruce is giving the signs of new growth. i left a bunch of blue spruces on a berm at my other house, they always looked pretty shining with the sun rays.
the spinning wheel usually reminds me of sleeping beauty. i think it would be lovely to learn to spin.
hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I have not been walking since I returned from Texas! I am so happy to be out moving the legs back and forth again!
It is time to look about for the first signs of Spring....Spring is my new favorite season!
The blue spruce are lovely trees.
I am so excited about learning to Tuesday I will see if I take...if not I will just work at it until I do!
I will post about spinning wheel on all the blogs when I actually have one sitting in my livingroom, soon...very soon a dream will become real....
If I prick my finger on the needle and go fast asleep just have my husband give me a kiss...he is my Prince. I do think Sleeping Beauty is my favorite of the classics.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get good weather when you are in the Northwest then Sherry. It will be fun to see what you post and experience while you are in this region.