Monday, February 23, 2009

Garden of Inspiration

I walked in the cemetery.

The ponds are free of ice

but it is still cold.

A book was nailed to the tree.
I am sad for the tree and the book.

I am seeking inspiration.
It feels good to be walking.


spookydragonfly said...

No better place to find inspiration...among nature. I think I feel more sad for the person who had the need to attach the book to the tree. Makes you wonder of the circumstances, hopefully they found peace. Hopefully, you found inspiration.

tina said...

What is up with the book nailed to the tree? Really strange. The geese look happy.

Q said...

Dear Spooky,
It was cold today and I am looking forward to warmer days.
I agree about the person who posted the book...I hope they have found peace.
I am seeking inspiration...Mother Nature is normally very good with me. Today tho I did not come home all fired up...
I think I am tired.
Maybe tomorrow.

Q said...

Dear Tina,
Very strange indeed!
I am happy I body is needing a walk every day.
Thank you for coming with.

marmee said...

i sure hope you found inspiration in the walk in the cemetary.
i have visited some beautiful cemetaries in canada.
somehow it would be nice to know why someone nailed that book to the tree? it must have meant something very deep.

Wendy said...

As you walk in the garden of inspiration, I will be with you, as you have been with me in my times of saddness.