Monday, April 13, 2009

Puddle Jumping

The morning rains stopped while I was running errands.

I was pleased I had worn my rain hat

and boots.

I stopped at the park

and took a walk!

There were puddles on the trail

and standing water.

I did not mind.

I walked and I thought.

I was aware.

I reflected.

I breathed in the cool Spring air.

Walking is good for my body and my soul.


Anonymous said...

You have a great way of placing your attention exactly where you want it to go.

You pick and speak your words with respect, and the world speaks to you because of it.

Bren said...

WOW.... the photos you share are fabulous. I love your yellow boots and matching hat. I can't wait till my tulips arrive. I am thinking after this rain we are getting it won't be long.
Happy Puddle Jumping - I enjoy your blog!

walk2write said...

Paddington Bear! My first thought on seeing those boots and hat!

D said...

The fifth and the last pic are soo good Sherry....

marmee said...

don't you just love how it feels after the rain. the air is fresh and all the living things look so crisp. your images of your walk are inspiring.

Secret Aging Man (SAM) said...

TC recently encouraged all his readers to read a poem daily. Your reflective post was my poem for today.

Naturegirl said...

Awww..this post was good for my soul as well! Thank you!
I can see that lady walking in the rain in those bright colors!