Thursday, April 23, 2009

To the woods

The Dogwoods are in full bloom.
It is the state tree of Missouri.

Two blocks from my house is Cave Springs.
It is a small wooded area.
There is a memorial garden in the center of a parking lot.

The white daffodils are in bloom with the iris.
A lovely combination.

There is a man made pond near the Nature Center.
I was pleased to see frogs!

Someone has installed a bee box by the pond.

Some of the understory in the woods is in bloom.

A Damselfly flew near.
The first one I have seen this year.

A pair of Dragonflies patrolled the natural pond.

I stayed on the trail today.

I enjoyed the Red bud Trees.

It is their time.

A Spring Azure flew by me and landed for an instant.

I am so happy to see the bugs again.

So very happy.


Anonymous said...

You are truly celebrating and witnessing Nature's Symphony.

Linda Pendleton said...


walk2write said...

Thanks for taking us with you on your springtime walk. We used to live in Wentzville, not too far away from you. At this time of the year, I really miss that part of the Heartland.

Judy said...

So many wonderful photos!! I can't decide on a favourite in today's batch!! That is the first iris I have seen anyone post this spring! The white daffodil is so perfect! The bees in the flowers! The macro of the redbud!! Such a wealth of treasures!

marmee said...

what a wonder spring is with all of the new life it has to offer. just taking time to breathe it all in is so wonderful...glad you share it with us.

Femin Susan said...

lovely shots. they are very beautiful.

Shellmo said...

I enjoyed this beautiful walk with you! I marveled at the cute little frog and could smell those pretty flowers!

Zainab Dhanji said...

Mr. frog is the best

TC said...

I too am happy to see the bugs again! It was an especially cold and snowy winter here in my zone 5 garden. Speaking of bugs, I am, Friday night as part of a short "Gardening for Success" workshop our Master Gardeners are presenting to the public. And I enjoyed "walking" along with you Ms. Sherry. (I won't mention the taste of frog legs.)

Talking To My Soul said...

B E A U T I F U L.

Just beautiful.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What a beautiful spring walk! The white daffodil is outstanding, we are just starting to see insects here in Iowa, I saw my first butterfly last weekend.

ShySongbird said...

This is all wonderful Sherry, such lovely photos of Nature's bounty. I have left a longer comment on Q's Corner.

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Sherry...I enjoyed my walk with you. I love the swimming frog shot. Of course, my favorites are your Damsel and Dragon captures. Very nice!...Your dragonfly is a Springtime Darner, usually the first to return in Spring. Happy May...looking forward to more walks!

Re said...

What fabulous photographs, everything looks a bit more advanced than here in the UK.

Sylvia said...

Uh oh...I am hooked on your blog.
Love your pictures.