Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter walk

 It is very cold this afternoon, 15 F.
A breeze from the west makes it feel even colder.
The sun warmed my face when I sat out on the deck with the birds.
I was wrapped in my blankets and protected from the wind.
I enjoy the winter birds.
I enjoy the winter sunshine.
When a gust of wind blew snow off the roof
my backyard was filled with glitter, a gorgeous sight.

We received about 6 inches of snow yesterday.
My husband has shoveled the driveway and the walks.
He stays active in the winter.

I need to walk each day
to get my exercise.

I bundled up and walked around my neighborhood.

The crows fly over every afternoon.

Clear, cold winter skies.
Taking the camera on my walk
I forget to be cold.


Wendy said...

I just love that dear little puffy bird. And the cardinal looks as if it's about to say something very wise.
Yes, bundle up, it's cold!!
I like to walk every day as well, but some days, it's just too cold for me.
Stay warm.

Seattle IT said...

Nice pic!I love the bird,the red one!It's very cute!Great post!Keep on posting!

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femminismo said...

Lovely photos! I found an old comment by you on my blog. Would you go to it and take a look at the bird hanging upside-down? I would love to get your opinion of what kind of bird it is. You'll find it about three posts down the blog. Thank you! Jeanne

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Jenny Phresh said...

I stumbled across this in my travels. A beautiful reminder that winter is lovely. Thank you!

Nathan said...

Those are beautiful pictures :)
great job!

ComeTe said...

bellissime foto!!!