Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wellness in the sunshine

A windless, cloud free afternoon called me outdoors.
It has been a week since I was outdoors.
I needed sunshine and birds.
I needed to be well.

The sky was such a deep blue it colored the snow.
I was pleased the camera saw the blue snow.

It is a long way to Spring but the Chick-a-dees have begun to sing
their song, "Fee-bee".
The Carolina Wren hopped around the deck
 looking for bugs.
It was above freezing but not warm enough for bugs!
He found some nuts.
The Tufted Titmice
had not seen me for a week.
I think they missed me as much as I missed them.

My health depends on diversity.
I must have all matter of books
and music to sustain me.

I must have all sorts of creatures about.
Dragons are so very kind to the people.

I must have the beauty and the wisdom
of ancient cultures
to teach me.

I am a writer.

I took my writing to the deck today.
I wrote in the sunshine with the birds.
I wrote poetry.
I wrote my heart out.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, I am so pleased the sun shone for you and the birds.
I am sure they miss you. Your little wren is so sweet, I miss mine.

I am a writer also....writing is good for the soul.
The written word is beautiful. Are you still loving your pen?

Sending healing thoughts and warm hugs......

kungfudonut said...

interesting blog :)

Luzia said...

your bird images are stunning! Thank you for this wonderful shots. Hugs from Luzia.

Wendy said...

I hope you and the birds had a good visit. I too need creatures, music and sunshine to survive. Writing too. It's good for the soul.
Take care my friend.

Lucille29 said...

i love the birds..
i like their color..
and i want to fly..

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