Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dragon Days

After Luna New Year but before Spring Equinox when the air warms and rain threatens, I call the days, "Water
Dragon Days." These are the first rains of Spring.
Today is our first Water Dragon day of 2011.

The Eastern Dragons evolve throughout their lifetime. 
The Horned Dragon is the greatest of all the Dragons.
The Horned Dragon is the rain maker.
I love the Eastern Dragons.
I am working up a design for my dragon, Fa.
She is a Spiritual, loving and kind, Dragon.

I am working with the patterns
in this book
making alterations when necessary
 and letting Fa emerge.

This is fun!

I love the Dragons.

I am inspired to create.

Dragons love Hummingbirds too.

I am gathering supplies.
I think collages would be fun.

I am looking about in my yard
to see where I could plant a Dragon Garden.

It could be small.
It could be herbs or native grasses.
A place for butterflies and hummingbirds.
As the skies darken and temperatures rise into the 50's
I am dreaming of Dragons bringing in
the rains.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, dragons are very beautiful creatures. I love the dragon that stared in the BBC's 'Merlin'. Now he was a very special dragon. I cannot wait for the series to return.......I am hooked.

I am sure you will find somewhere to landscape a dragon garden.
Now that would be special....

Enjoy your dragon days......

Wendy said...

A dragon garden! How exciting! I know you will make a good one. And take lots of pics to share.

The Drop Outs said...


Mel said...

Hi, I love your blog. I clicked Next Blog on the top of my page to see who popped up, and you had me at dragons. I must have at least 5 how to draw dragons books, though I can't draw a thing. Then I saw your bird pics, your book pics, and I clicked follow so I can see what you post next. We take many of the same photos, though yours are better. Nice to meet you and have fun with the dragons.