Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March

March arrived sweet and warm, like a dear little Lamb.
The last of the snow melted and more crocus have bloomed.
We are walking towards Spring.
It is St. David's Day.
A day of celebration in Wales.

I am very smitten with their Red Dragon.

I sliced leeks for our St. David's Day stir fry.
They were tasty!

We listened to Welsh music while I sowed seeds.

I am just beginning my study of Wales.
All month I will be reading and celebrating the Welsh.

My study of the Angels continues.
This week I am reading about Raphael,
the Archangel of healing and creativity.

I will also be learning about Gabriel
and St. Michael during Pisces.

I have always loved my Guardian Angel.

We went to the church I attended
when I was a little girl so I could take photographs
of the stained glass Angels that grace the entrance.

I remember the Angels.

We watched
"Angels and Demons"
a very exciting movie!

The soundtrack is good too.

Nice photograph on the cover.

Angels appear in many
stories and cultures.

In this story the Angel dances for the sad and lonely farmer.
Just the memory of her dance keeps him
happy for the rest of his life.
Just the memory.....

As we run errands about the city
I am looking for Angels.

The birds have begun seed giving.

It is March and I am walking towards Spring.
I am walking with Angels.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry, the angels are beautiful. Did the stained glass windows bring memories of childhood close??
Whilst walking the gardens today I noticed a white feather attached to a hazel catkin. I thought of you.....

Leeks are a wonderful vegetable and one of my favourites. I use them regularly in my cooking.
They encourage efficient functioning of the kidneys.

Happy March my friend.....I hope that your gardens do not hear the roar of the lion, before the month is out.

John said...

Wow! This flower are so lovely, I really like the color and shape of it.

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