Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras

The sounds of Carnival fill our home today.

It is Mardi Gras.

The smell of red beans and rice fill our home
 with the scent of New Orleans.

We are dancing about to the rythmn of the Samba

 on this end of winter, rainy,

cold Dragon day. We are having fun.

I love these tea sipping,
foot tapping, sing along days.

I watched the birds

find seed and suet.

This afternoon I perched up in the living room
 near the windows. I brought my books to the table.
Today we remember Kenneth Grahame.

Once again I am on an adventure.

I read about the Welsh coming to North America in the 12th century. I read about the Mandan Tribe, a White Indian tribe
that is believed to be the descendants of these early Welsh explorers. I have requested books about the Mandan Tribe.
This is very exciting. My imagination has taken me away to long ago times. I am hunting for my connection to the mound builders.

While we were running errands yesterday we hunted for Angels.

We are stopping at Churches and cemeteries

in our search.

It is a joy to have adventures

right in my own city.

When I see the Celtic Cross I am brought to tears.

I find them so very beautiful.

My collection of Angel photographs and Celtic Crosses is growing.
I am exploring my city.

Knowing my history,

knowing the references,

the why I do what I do,

makes my life filled with the joy of learning.

Our home is filled with laughter as we discover our connection to the Celts.

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