Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas Day

When I awoke this morning it was snowing.

I made a wish.
This is our first snow of the season.
It is St. Nicholas Day.
A joyful day.
A magical day for our first snow.

I am cutting out large snowflakes
to use on our dining room table.

The kale held handfuls of snow.
The cone flower heads caught just a dusting.

Our first white tulip bloomed this morning.
I have 83 more scattered about the house.
I hope to have white tulips all of December.
The geraniums are blooming
as are the yellow mums I brought in last week.

The white Butterfly bushes are also in bloom.
If any of the 14 Black Swallowtail Butterflies emerge from their chrysalis I have food!
The rosemary continues to grow.

We began baking Christmas cookies this afternoon.
Three dozen Raisin Oatmeal
and four dozen Peanut Butter.
Both are gluten free and delicious!
I have a collection of Christmas copper molds
that I hang in the kitchen every year.

I was so pleased when I found a couple more at the second hand shop. They take 50% off on Tuesdays for 55 and older!
I qualify.

Next Tuesday we plan on baking Gingerbread.

After cleaning up the kitchen I went outside.
I bundled up since it was only 25 degrees.

I wanted to be with the birds
for a little while.

The sun was warm
and the wind from the north was a gentle breeze.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!


Kathleen Maunder said...

Your blog always makes me smile. This was a particularly beautiful post. :)

Vetsy said...

Sherry I so miss my birds back in Michigan especially that lovely red cardinal! Thanks for sharing your lovely feathered friends with us and those cookies look Delicious!

Margie Oomen said...

we had a wonderful st nicholas day too.
love your birdie photographs so much.

Everything Changes said...

I just love the cardinals!

Heimpflege said...

WoW! what a wonderful blog. really enjoyed reading it.=D

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Blue bird said...

It is so nice to weak up the kindred spirit in us!!
We used to put the shiny shows in the window for candy to get, also written a message for Christmas what we would like to get. Thanks for the memories! Love: Julia/Bluebird :)

Angie said...

(Belated) Happy St. Nicholas Day. Each post is even more lovely and warmer than the last, which really doesn't seem possible...I'm so enjoying celebrating the month of December with you! :)

Anonymous said...

i always love looking in on you and your charming birdies.
Have a peaceful winter.
xo Becky

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Anonymous said...

Happy New year! Nice pictures!

Veronica Tyson-Strait said...

I love your photographs of birds.

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Cool! I so love the photos so amazing.=D

Anonymous said...

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