Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End of November

I sat outside in the sun with the birds for about an hour this afternoon. I bundled up with my book and blanket.
It was chilly but the sun felt warm.

I would like to be outside as much as possible this winter.
I want to spend as much time with the birds as I am able.

The north wind was a moderate breeze today keeping the wind spinner turning and the wind harp playing. The waxing crescent moon advanced across the sky. Venus is once again our evening star and Jupiter rises at sunset.

I did up the window boxes with pine boughs and suet cakes.
I brought in three of the yellow mums that were growing in the window boxes. They are still blooming!

The Geraniums I brought in the first of October are in full bloom.
The white Butterfly bushes are blooming.

My Halloween Pansies are still blooming.
 I have them on the fireplace hearth.
The forced white Tulips are leafing out. The mint and rosemary are growing just fine on the window sills.
My indoor gardens are looking splendid.

Tuesday is our new baking day.
We are learning to bake glutton free.
I simply substituted the wheat free flour mix for the wheat flour.
We will see how they taste.

I have a few Christmas Trees in the kitchen.
Behind the sink is my terra-cotta tree.
It sets the kitchen theme.

I also have a snowman tree.
Snowmen show up all over my house as do Gingerbread Men
I am saying goodbye to November.

I am ready for December.
I am ready for cookies and milk.
I smell the cinnamon rolls.
I think they will be very tasty.

I think December will be lots of delicious fun!


Everything Changes said...

Not sure I'm ready for the end of the year, but winter is definitely fun! Great bird shots, especially!

Cathy said...

What a cute snowman! I'm fully into decorating for the winter at my job. Just love making teh kid's room magical for them.

dikvipreal said...

Thank you for sharing.

Angie said...

You are such a breath of fresh air!! :D I delight in glimpses into your 'soul'. I have high hopes of seeing lots of pictures of your many Christmas trees. Alas, it is still November here at Ships Landing...*sigh* Seeking energy to infuse this body to leap into December and festivities. I need a lamp to light my way. :D You just may be it. ;)

Giga said...

Gdybym mogła takie ptaki oglądać w moim ogródku, to bym tam dużo czasu spędzała i patrzyła też trochę na kwiatki, które jeszcze są . Pozdrawiam i dziękuję za miła wizytę

sarah said...

I always think your birds are very lovely.
You have some Christmas trees? In your country, Christmas event is bigger than the new years event, I wonder.
Have a lovely weekend!

wheatgerm said...

I love your birds

Blue bird said...

Hello to the most beautiful bird photos! I mean it really that these photos you make are exeptioal among all photos! Great pleasure to see them! Thanks for sharing! Love and hugs Julia/bluebird:)