Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day of the Dead

I have been learning about Day of the Dead.

I enjoy learning about other cultures.

We had a delightful Halloween.

Twenty-six trick-or-treaters rang our bell.

We started packing up October's decorations this morning.
It will take a couple of days.

I took a break at mid-day to watch the last of the butterflies.
The wind is to shift tonight.
It is to be cold and rainy tomorrow.
We need the rain.
It is the time of year when we often have hard freezes.
November can be very cold.

Once my November decorations are set out
 I want to curl up with a good book.

November is my Indian Princess and Cowgirl month.

November is all about Mother Earth and Father Sky.
In November we walk the Good Red Road.
Happy Day of the Dead.
Happy November.


The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

Great pics! Just stumbled onto your blog. Will be subscribing to your RSS feed :)

The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

Cant find your feed subscription. Do you have one?

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

It is so good to sit with a good book, in front of the fire, on a cold winters eve.
Winter is a time for rest and to feed our bodies needs.

Your studies always fascinate me.

I hope the rains come, I know that your gardens need it.
We are also expecting rain this evening, heavy rain. I am looking forward to the pitter patter on the conservatory roof.

Bless the butterflies.....

Kathleen Maunder said...

The butterfly/flower photo is beautiful. What book is the Chief Seattle page from? The illustrations are lovely.

Wendy said...

I like learning about other cultures too. I thought about my grandmother today and honoured her for the strong and wise woman she was. I wish I had known her more in this life. She lived far away.

I thought of my mother and father too and my brother who passed away 9 years ago.

I thought of David this morning as I do every day and saw a light shining and bouncing on the wall. I could not find the source of the light. There was no reflection from anything in the house or even outside the window. Eventually it faded. Then I drew the Love Card from my Faerie deck.

I think the ancients are all around us.

Verbose said...

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! Good to know you have a fascination with November 2nd :) A lot of people have a tendency to think that it's strictly for Mexicans, but in truth it's a celebration carried throughout most of the latin american countries. Anyway, I totally understand where you're going with the need to curl up to a good book this month. November is only the start of many ugly months.

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Cool1 just stumbled upon your blog.. really enjoyed the photos in here.

Judy said...

I love that jack o'lantern!! The white outside, and the orange innards (and candle) make it look really unusual!