Thursday, March 1, 2012


We took the kites out for their first flight of the season.
It was a gorgeous afternoon.
March came in like a playful lamb.
All of the kites were happy to be up.
I could feel their joy.
I love the feeling of a kite pulling on her string.

The temperature continued to rise.
By 2 pm when we went kite flying it was 71 degrees.

We have a pot of leek and potato soup on for our supper.
We are celebrating St. David's Day.

We are celebrating March.

The trees are budding.

Spring has come early.


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Kites give such a feeling of freedom. I love it when you fly kites, I feel like a child again.
They are so colourful.

Temperatures are way to high for this time of year. It is much the same here. We should see a change this weekend, lower temperatures, strong winds and rain. We need the rain.

origa-me said...

Your kites make my soul soar!
Carole who wants to fly!

sarah said...

We used to fly kites on new year with children. I liked the response of a kite pulling on her string,too.

The spring is coming slowly but surely here. Mimoza started to bloom near my house.
Have a nice weekend!

Wendy said...

What beautiful blue skies in your pictures. Kites do give one a sense of freedom and awe of Brother Wind.

Your soup sounds delicious! Yum.

I hope that the tornadoes have not been close to you.
Stay safe and warm, Sherry.
Love and Light


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Bill Collins said...

Love the kites!