Friday, March 23, 2012


The Rain Dragons have brought Spring rains.

We went for a walk in the woods between showers.

The woods have greened.

I am hunting for wildflowers.

The Pale Corydalis was just beginning to bloom.

The sun came out for a little bit.

The sweet smell of Spring filled the air.

The clouds cleared.

I found a few more wildflowers.

I knew the bees would come out soon.

I want Spring Beauty in my flower beds.
I have plenty of dandelions!

We rested by the waterfall.

My lawn has lots of Wild Violets.

I love the bee guide lines
on the violets showing the way 
to the nectar.

Before the rains began last Monday 
I picked a basket full of Wild Violets.
I am drying them for winter teas.
I will harvest more.

I have been reading and making 
garden plans.

I am designing a wildflower garden
for under the front Maple tree.
I want to see the wildflowers in the wild before I buy
my corms and plants.
Spring Beauty looks to be a perfect Wildflower
for my new flowerbed.

The wind was from the southeast.
More thundershowers were in the forecast.

We will hike again when the rain stops.
We are hunting for spring wildflowers.

I am listening to an amazing album.
I am watching the Rain Dragons do their good work.


Angie said...

This post stirs my soul---I too pick the little Violets in the yard :) I remember picking them as a child, and I still do it today, although I've not known/thought to use them in tea. I have a lot to learn from my friend.

Kathleen Maunder said...

This post is so lovely Sherry. We are a little behind you in terms of spring growth but it has started and I am so happy. That photo of the basket of violets made me smile. So beautiful!

Suz said...

spring wildflowers are the best
I always gasp when I see them in my garden and in the wild....good luck on inviting a few into your garden...
still my favorite is bloodroot

sarah said...

I am breathing the smell spring fragrant in your picture.
I like the whit flower in the 7th picture. It is not seen around here.
I will pick violets for tea. I didn't know about it.
Enjoy great spring!

Everything Changes said...

I especially like the reflection shots!

ColorCrazzy said...

I really like some of these pictures. I especially like i think it was number 11, with the bee. Really cool. Wish i could take a picture that nice!