Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pond Watch

We began our Pond Watch yesterday.

We watched male and female
 Common White Tail Dragonflies.

We watched Dainty Sulphur.

We have joined the Xerces Society project
"Pond Watch".
On Tuesdays we will watch the pond at Cave Springs.


Caribou said...

Beautiful photos!

origa-me said...

I shall stare into my small pond and think of you today! We have lovely red dragonflies, the last of the season I think, but not being a fantastic photographer like you, you must just imagine them.

Everything Changes said...

Spring is springing. :-)

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Pond watching is just wonderful and I believe quite therapeutic.
A lovely hobby:)

Tammie Lee said...

ooohhh ahhhh
such beauties around your pond! Lovely evening and beyond to you~

Angie said...

They are so beautiful---my heart skips a beat every time I catch sight of a Dragonfly...Is the pond on your property or do you have to travel to it?

Andy said...

this really beauty, like a piece from a heaven

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