Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pond Watch

An Eastern Pond Hawk dragonfly landed for just a minute.
He was patrolling in a wooded area.
I think this is a male Familiar Bluet damselfly At least 35 species of Bluets are known from North America, making identification
a challenge.

I think this damselfly is a female Familiar Bluet.

We saw a few butterflies while hiking.
The Question Mark made a lovely shadow!
Summer Azures were flying.

Skippers are also difficult to identify.
I think this is a Zabulon Skipper.
Invasive Honeysuckle covers much of the woods.
The bees and butterflies have adapted.
We saw one male Green Darner and lots of White Tailed
dragonflies male and female.


Kathleen Maunder said...

I love seeing your photos of butterflies and insects. They make me smile.

ME said...

Oh so beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

What a delight to see so many beautiful insects.

Invasive honeysuckle......a non-native species ??
We have clearing programmes here for species invading wildlife habitats......

Raining here.....are the Sun Dragons coming soon??

Ms. said...

I've been so enjoying your pond watching series and just thought I'd take a minute to say so. Magnificent details in the photos too. My Praying Mantis egg case carefully brought from the Butterfly Conservatory in Massachusetts at the end of March, kept in the fridge till April 15th and brought out to room temperature, watched daily till at 5AM EST this morning the many hundreds of little ones came streaming out and I hurried to get them down three flights and around the corner to the Church garden I tend around the corner here in New York City, sprinkling them about the three areas and wishing them well. They will be up on my two blogs at 9 and 9:01 Am tomorrow the 10th, so do have a look and comment there if you want. I would love to drive my followers over to your blog. It's wonderful.

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