Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Afternoon in the cemetery

This morning when I went outside
to feed the birds it was 14 degrees.
I decided to wait to walk until the heat of the day.
By mid afternoon it was clear and sunny.

The moon was all I could see
in the afternoon sky.

I walked in the cemetery.
It was very quiet.
The Geese were resting .

I walked for half an hour.
A Red Tailed Hawk flew over my head.
No wonder I did not hear any birds.

Snow is in our forecast for tomorrow.
I have made a commitment to walk each day
when the weather allows.
Thank you for walking with me.


smilnsigh said...

"I have made a commitment to walk each day
when the weather allows."

You are doing this, even when it is very cold. I'm so glad for you.

Wishing I could summon the commitment.

It would be better for me, to _do_.

Rather than to waste time, in wishing...


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Years ago I did not go out very much in the winter. It was just too cold! Slowly I began buying the warm winter clothes I needed so that I could be out and stay warm. If it is very, very cold I still walk just not for very long.
While my son was here in December I did not go walking as often as I like to.
Cold rain does keep me inside!
Maybe you could find some very warm leggings and a new pair of walking shoes. A five minute stroll is good! Build up to twenty minutes. I used to stamp my calender with a rubber stamp of two feet every time I walked. It took a couple of years to get the walking habit. I walked with my husband in the evenings. Last spring when I began walking with the camera I was hooked on daytime walking. Doing the blog helps too. I can take my photos and share my walk. That is very fun!
Thank you for walking with. If you do start walking and want to post about your walks know I will come and walk with you.
We will find a way to make "wishes" come true.