Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crisp Morning

When Cooper's Hawk came into the gardens
I knew it would be awhile before the birds
would be back.
From the sound of the chripping I think
he was successful getting

I was all ready bundled up so I went for
a crisp morning walk.

I started to walk to the woods
but the ice on the sidewalk halted me.

Perhaps tomorrow after yoga
I can check on little pond.

In the American Indian tradition, wolf is teacher.
I watched the Full Wolf Moon set this morning.
As the day grew lighter the moon dropped below the horizon.
Dawn is an in between time.
My morning reading was about wolf the teacher.
I am open to learn.


smilnsigh said...

So glad you stopped, at the ice.

And what are the readings about wolf the teacher, please? Rather, where may I find them, to read for myself?


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I am off to yoga class...
I read in "Aniamal Speak" by Ted Andrews. He also has a book out called "Nature Speak." I ordered them from Amazon. I had to turn my inner editor off since there are a few typos in both of the books. I was seeking information.
These two books are filled with the lore and symbolism of the American Indian spirituality. Hope this hepls.
Gotta scoot.
Chat soon.

Sprite said...



I am glad you did not continue to walk on the ice. It's so tricky.

I was excited to see the Wolf "Medicine Card."

Being open to learn is such a gift, isn't it? I love that!

Blessings for this day,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Wolf is teaching me!
I do believe my meditation with the Full Wolf Moon brought the awareness. Wolves travel in packs and that told me I need people. The exercise classes are about teachers and students. The energy of classmates and the knowledge of the teacher is important for my learning.
I bet Wolf has lots of lessons for me!
I do love the way, when I am open to the universe, how source will lead me. I just have to let go of preconcieved ideas.
Thank you for blessings.
There is so much to learn. It is exciting.
Love and light,