Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I have begun my home preparations
for my spring rejuvenation at The Raj.

Yesterday I bought a journal for my schedule and my thoughts. When I have a new awareness or a question I will have my little black book near by. I am writing down what I am doing each day and my meals and snacks.

The Lilies are opening and filling the dining room with the sweet smell of spring.
My balance includes flowers and birds and sunshine. Good for my spirit.
For my emotions I am laughing and connecting with family and friends.
For my body I am following the diet The Raj sent to me.
I am walking when the weather permits. I am getting plenty of sleep and water.

I have a folder to hold the many papers I am collecting.
I have also begun to put together my spa outfits.
I have chosen sage, nutmeg and mustard as my colors. My accessories will be in black, cream and silver. I have a hat!

I am learning about new foods. My daughter told me about Quinoa. It is a complete protein grain. Very tasty and on my list of foods for home preparation.
My husband is very supportive too. He goes to the market with me for our fresh vegetables and is eating the same suppers. That makes it easy for me.
He also told me last night he will drive me to The Raj and pick me up.
One less stress.

I have put together a little art supply bag. I have colored pencils and a glue stick and a pair of scissors. I may want to decorate my journal while I am gone.
I am preparing and having fun.

The camera is going too!


Mel said...

Quinoa (or 'quinua' in Spanish) is great, natural energy booster, no fat, nice taste. If you preffer some sweeter grains (not too much)I recomend 'kiwicha', grains from the Andes (can be traced back way before the Inca Empire) and it has been used even by NASA astronauts to keep a healthy balanced diet while in space!

Have fun in your trip, I think the notebook idea is great! Enjoy!

Q said...

Dear Mel,
How nice to meet you!
Thank you for this suggestion. I will look for kiwicha at the market. My retreat should be interesting. I have never gone to a destination spa before. This one is all about learning and balancing.
I am looking forward to reading your journal. I would love to know more about the birds in Peru.

smilnsigh said...

How nice to have a tiny peek into your surroundings. And there is the deck and chair, where perhaps, you sit with the birds. Thank you.


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
This is my dining room table. You can see part of the deck. It is a large, two tired, deck. The rocking chair you see has the cushions out of it right now. My son brought it over last Autumn and it ended up on the deck. I am out of room in my house for another chair.
Last summer I posted a few photos of where I sit on the deck, most of the time, when I am out with the birds. I did a picture for Mary, last summer, of my desk and office window. I did a "looking out the bedroom window" picture for you last spring I think. Once in awhile I will do house photos.
I have lots of things. Lots of treasures. The table cloth on the dining room table right now, my maternal Grandmother made. It is very pretty. I come from ladies that did fancy work. I have lots of crocheted and embroidered pieces. My husband's great Grandmother also did fancy work and I have some of her pieces.
Perhaps one of these days I will do a house blog! House does change her dress every month. LOL.

Chris said...

This sounds exciting. So pleased you are taking your camera! Love the lilies :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Going to the spa is very exciting for me!
I am doing just fine on my home prep and am so looking forward to learning more about the Ayurveda tradition.
The lilies are so pretty. They smell nice too. Having flowers about makes a world of difference for me. Since none are in bloom in my gardens, I am buying bouquets for the house.
The camera goes where ever I go!