Saturday, March 22, 2008

A walk in the park

I had lunch with my
nephew and my great nephew.
We talked about good digestion.

Pleasant companionship makes for pleasant digestion.
These two have a special energy that fills my spirit with vim, vigor and vitality!

After our lunch we lingered at the table for a few minutes.
This short little rest allows for digestion to get a good start.
We laughed and smiled and enjoyed our special time together.

We stopped at a near by park.
The day was sunny.
The three of us went walking.

We visited a little bit as we walked.
Mostly we were happy just to be together.
Some of our time was spent in silence.
My constitution responds to these two kind spirits.

My afternoon was very fun.
Easy to digest.
I love them both.


Cheryl said...

How beautiful is time spent with those we love. They are handsome young men.
Your journey seems soft and peaceful you feel this?
Has the spa connected you to your body....I know this is what you wanted.
I am slowly changing my book recommends rice and vegetables with mild spices to help clean the body. I like this.
I am finding though that it is difficult to eat out (and we eat out often). In England they use such a lot of cream and dairy in vegetarian food. This complicates what I am trying to achieve.....I will have to think on this one.

The sun shines today although it is very cold.
Hope your day is bright to.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
It is a pleasure to be with these two. They are my first "humans" on my blogs! I do take pictures of people but have never posted them.
These two wanted to be part of an essay. I have thought of working on my portrait photography. Perhaps more people will show up here on, "Walking in Beauty".
Yes, I do feel the softness and the peacefulness! It is gentle and so very beautiful. I am sleeping well and having plenty of energy.
I do not feel any stress or fears or concerns!
I did connect! Part of the spa experience was letting go of any body trauma I had. (This was something I came up with.) The body had been painful for me in the past and I just had to let all those "attacks" go! I had forgiven and almost forgot but my body remembered. Vanity does have its place. It was vanity that lead me to the spa! I want to lose some weight. It was kindness and love that lead me into the full expression of my source! LOL.
Eating out is hard! I go to the Chinese and Thi restaurants. Most places do have some sort of steamed vegetable dish. India food is what I am learning about. Today I will go shopping for a slow cooker. I saw one that has three different sized bowls that I think would work great.
Do you think a seperate blog just about the Ayurveda Lifestyle would be beneficial? I am thinking about doing one. A Far East meets Mid-West sort of thing. I am slowly incorporating and maybe as I do each thing it could help others that are wanting to bring this organic and balanced way of life into their homes.
Today I shop for fresh veggies and a slow cooker and I will wear my shawl!

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry......Yes I think a Ayurveda blog would be wonderful. There are a lot of people out there Sherry who do not understand their bodies needs. I do not mean that in a critical way. I am so fortunate that my mother always fed me a healthy diet. We did not have a lot of money, so Dad grew veggies and fruits, we had little meat and fish. When I became a woman I decided meat was not for me and studied diet, reading every book I could lay my hands on about health and food.

I have many friends who have struggled with their weight, I like to think I have helped some of them.

Sherry you have such a lovely way with words, I think you inspire people and you would be able to guide them the Ayurveda way.

To finish Sherry there is no vanity in wanting to lose weight if we are not happy that way.
I weigh around nine stone and garden my acre alone, and I must say for 57 I feel fit. I am at one with my body.

Lovely as always to talk to you.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I think after I get caught up around my house I will design an Ayruveda Blog of some sort!
I am somewhat behind after being gone. Not too bad, my husband took care of most of my work.
I noticed while at the Raj many of the ladies felt that they would not have very much home support. It is a different way of living and thinking!
I find it is beautiful.
I did get a slow cooker. Decided on a Spring 1.5 quart small countertop cooker. It is very pretty and goes nicely in my kitchen. Not too big.
I also bought a Spring wok! My cookware is all Spring with a couple of cast iron skillets that were my mother's.
My breakfast is a stewed pear or apple with raisins and cinnamon. By putting my fruit in the slow cooker before going to bed my breakfast is ready when I get up.
I was asked at the Raj not to use the microwave.
If I can make breakfast easy and beautiful than I will eat it! This is both.
The Wok should also help me stay excited about cooking! It is so pretty...I like pretty... LOL!
It is nice that you are comfortable in the body. I will get there. So far I am happy with my water and my tea and my breakfast. Suppers are going okay. I struggle with lunch. Will see what I can come up with. Fixing food just for me is the hard part. When my kids were here I always fixed three meals a day for them.
I pack my husband's lunch the night before. I used to do leftovers for my lunch. In Ayurveda we are asked not to eat leftovers. I try and cook just the right about for supper and husband's lunch since I also do not waste food.
Spinach cooks quickly and I can do hummus and flat bread. There is a Mid-Eastern Market in my city that bakes wonderful flat bread. I want to begin going to that market weekly or bi-monthly. Ayurveda also askes us not to eat frozen or canned foods, only cooked fresh!
I am doing the best I can. A blog could be a wonderful way to share experience and ideas.
I have eaten organically for years, been a vegan for about three years. Slowly, one animal at a time, I removed those foods from my diet. Plant based now and very happy to be. I think I gained weight when I went 100% vegan. Too many grains I guess. Also I had some injury so I could not do my yoga or my walking. Glad you feel fit. I do not! But I will get there. I never thought about it before. I just did what ever it was I did. LOL! Awareness is amazing...
The Ayuvedic way is about digestion. Not only about digesting the food we intake but also the enviroment. All the senses, all six of them!
Thank you Cheryl for your kind support and friendship!
We shall chat some more later.
Happy Day,
Bows and hugs,

Cheryl said...

Hi Sherry......I am so glad that you will think about starting a new blog, I look forward to your writings and the coming together of minds.
I know you will get there Sherry, a day at a time, there is no rush, it will come to you and you will be fit and well.
Sorry to hear that you had an is full of pitfalls, is it not, but that is
I respect you so much for being a vegan...that takes a lot of changes. Your body must feel very pure and clean.
I love the sound of your breakfast, sweet pears and spices.
I hope that you are soon able to prepare lunch for yourself. I stirfry vegetables for my lunch most days, I really enjoy that.

Thinking of you and the journey that you are taking.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you! I look forward to sharing this incredible life of bliss!
We will have fun and be slim and trim and fit and happy! Plus it will be beautiful...
I just ordered two stainless steel carafes. One is for coffee the other for hot water. This way I can have my hot tea right away in the morning and will not have to wait on the kettle!
In Ayurveda they say, "The day begins the night before." Planning ahead will make my morning go smoother. The cafafes are very pretty and were on sale!
I like smooth....
Lot of fun!

Cheryl said...

You are buying many beautiful things.....these will make your journey more pleasurable.
I to plan my breakfast the night before.....I do this because it keeps my eating under control. Its all to easy to pick something up that I should not be eating!

Catherine said...

How was the spa..? :D
Beautiful captures! I expected to
see you're beautiful shots of flora & fauna..didn't know I would also see two handsome young men!
Nice post!

Mel said...

Spending time with people we love, doing stuff we love, is healing and refreshing. I'm glad you had some time to do so :)

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I am getting all sorts of new things. Things to help make my meal planning easier. I like pretty things too!
Yesterday I cleaned out the cabinets and drawers. I boxed up all the foodstuffs that I will no longer be eating, the canned goods and any processed food. I called my brother and he came and picked up two big boxes. I will continue to do this. I have a pantry and will be giving away the canned goods. Only fresh!
This clean out made room for my new wok to store in a cabinet.
I will just stay on my cleaning out and letting go!
Kitchen is almost finished.

Q said...

Dear Cat,
Spaing was incredible! Just what I needed. I am excited about gardens and house and cooking. ALso I have creative ideas again.
I am so glad I went.
My nephews are delightful.
It is sweet of these two to come play with me sometimes. They know I miss my kids.

Q said...

Dear Mel,
You are so right! Being around loving family is healing. I miss my kids so very much. They live very far away.
When my nephew and great nephew can come over I am thrilled. I always fun.