Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the cemetery

I walked in the cemetery today.
Spring is coming ever so slowly.

My neighbor's son-in-law came over this morning.
He came to let me know Mr. Carter died last night in his sleep.
I had meant to ask Mr. Carter where in the cemetery his first wife was buried.
I will ask the office to locate the grave for me so I can tend to it now.

I wonder if this beloved Mother and Nana was really named Birdie.

A small magnolia tree is in bloom.

I will be attending Mr. Carter's funeral.
He was a good neighbor.
I will miss him.


brucesc said...

Sorry to hear that your neighbor died, Q. Birdie was not an uncommon name at one time.

Q said...

Dear Brucesc,
I had never heard of Birdie as a first name. I like it!
The joy for my dear neighbor is he was able to stay in his home. For that I am grateful to his current wife.
Nice to meet you.
I am looking forward to visiting your blog.

Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Carter. And, that you have been ill. I am hoping you are feeling much better by now.

Much love,

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you. Mr. Carter was a dear neighbor. I miss him.
I am "working" on feeling better.
I am under Doctor's care now and do feel better than I have for a long while.
SO glad to hear from you.
I have missed you too!
We have catching up to do!