Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lunch at the Gallery

I met my new friend at one of the art galleries in my city for lunch.
We had met at a book signing a couple of moths ago.
I feel as if I have known her all my life.

Meeting here was an excellent idea.

The food was delicious
and our server was happy to keep my coffee cup full.
I will return for more luncheons.

The exhibit was interesting.

One room was filled with old automobile tires made into intriguing sculptures.
It made me think of all the cool things one could make with recycled items.
I was inspired.
My new friend is inspiring me.
She is encouraging me to be the unique person I am.


Cathy said...

Yikes! I thought the first picture was real spider. I look at your post through bloglines and the museum sign was hidden.

Your lunch looks yummy, what exactly was it?


Q said...

Dear Cathy,
LOL! Lunch was summer veggies baked in a sweet red pepper sauce with some cheese and sauted spinach.
Very tasty!