Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Northern Breeze

A northern breeze came in overnight.
The heat and humidity are lower today.
I noticed the top leaves of the Fire Bush are beginning to turn.
Very early for any Autumn show.

Perhaps Autumn does not come all at once.

My neighbor's apples are growing.

I will watch them ripen.

The Osage Orange trees have also set fruit.
We call them hedge apples.
Walking in the northern breeze was delightful.
A feel of weather to come.


Jules and Ken said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I like this one too, hard to keep up with you. I find one blog hard enough and then I don't know how to add all the do dads on the side. I hoped it was OK to mention your blog. I love the food at the Kemper, we went to the exhibit in June. I really enjoyed the Where Else by Julia Osbhatz exhibit, was that still there?

Q said...

Dear Jules,
I try and post about my daily walk!
When it is hot I walk at dusk so no pictures. Other times I walk in the morning with my camera. Once in awhile I post about a lucheon or meeting friends. Corner is about the coming and goings around my house....Walking In Beauty is about ageing gracefully!
My daughter does all my side bar things. she knows how to do them I do not.
I do not think the Osbhatz was still there. After lunch my friend and I went to see the rubber made exhibit. It was very interesting.
When I started Walking in Beauty it was in responce to some ladies talking about getting older and wanting to maintain our slim and trim selves (For me it is about losing some weight) LOL....I thought I would enjoy walking with my camera and sharing my walk. A very good friend of mine became sick and was unable to get outside. She would come and walk with me. I hope she is able to join in again soon.
I also hope to encourage others to go is good exercise.
Getting to know you is so very nice.