Thursday, December 24, 2009


Each morning I am writing and choosing my word for the day.
The word for today is face.

I read that a baby knows love as the face of the Mother.
I wonder if Mother is not loving does the child grow up not knowing love?
My Mother was loving when I was very small. My Mother sang little songs. I remember my Mother's face. I hold a memory of her from when she was in her 30's.

I got up from my morning table and walked about my house.
I began looking at faces.
I looked at photographs from Christmas past.

Each time I saw the face of Santa I smiled and felt so happy.
This photograph is of me on Santa's lap and my older sister, Cindy.
I remember seeing Santa at Macy's downtown. I remember my sister Cindy's face.
I remember her smile. I have her little gray velvet hat hanging in my entry.
She died in 2000. These days I think of her often.

Our Grandson was born with health challanges and was not able to see a public Santa.
For four years my husband was his Santa. For me my husband became Father Christmas.
For me his face is the face of love.

There are a few photographs of me when I was little.
I love looking at my happy little face.
I seem to be filled with wonder and delight.
My daughter suggested I look in the mirror to see the face of love.
Perhaps for her I am her first face of love.

She also suggested I look at the photograph my husbamd took for my artist bio.

She said it was taken with the eyes of love.

I see the world through my eyes of love.

I think I will print this little collage.

I think it will be my first picture in my Healing Journey photo album.


spookydragonfly said...

The suggestion that your daughter said to you...would've made my heart melt if I heard those words from a child of mine. You must be a face of so many.

Your husband makes a perfect Santa...I'll bet your grandson was delighted.

marmee said...

this is pure beauty in writing, thinking, believing, being. i love evokes love's essence.
i remember my children and grands as infants and the look they would have looking lovingly into your eyes...trusting.
i will try to follow your journey of healing with you and know you and your sister are in my prayers.
thank you for sharing your personal photos...i love them.
happy christmas season.

Chris said...

These are wonderful family photos, Sherry :-) and beautiful words too!

Q said...

Dear Spookydragonfly,
My daughter, at the tender age of 31, is a wise woman. She is intutitive and so kind.
She is a dear friend as well as a daughter.
My husband is also a wise and learned man. We he agreed to be Santa all of his family rejoiced.
Hope you had a loving winter holiday seeing lots of loving faces.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Thank you. Love is the face of trust. Knowing you are loved as is.
Hope you also had a very happy Christmas.
Love and light to you and yours,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing your old photos. I saw you have a new blog!
Happy New Year,