Monday, December 21, 2009

A Healing Journey

I have begun a Healing Journey.

I am writing.

I am using the medicine wheel as my guide.

I faced the east this morning and watched the sunrise.
This is the direction of spirit. This is the direction of hope.

I sat at my morning table.
I am taking this journey with my sister.

She will find her inner healer and I mine.

I have been preparing for this journey.

I bought a new journal and pen.
I bought two lovely candles.

My friend gave me the set of Animal Divine cards.
I have chosen one each day in December.
Today I chose Cernunnos. This is an ancient Father figure. This is an ancient Deity.
We know this ancient god today by the Celtic tradition.

I am learning about how important a loving
Mother and Father are for healing. I am remembering.

I have a cluster of stories.
I remember when I was small.
I remember my Mother and Father.
I remember Christmas past.
My sister and I talked this morning about compassion.
We talked about suffering and fear.
We talked about the gift of grace.

My friend gave me this book.
A place to write my own story.

As I am inspired I am writing.

I am a photographer.

I shall take photographs of my Healing Journey.

I will print them and make an album.

I am a collector.

I shall gather into my boxes the gifts I find on my journey.
For they also tell a story.

My friend painted an Angel for me.

Today my word is hope.

Thank you for coming along on this year long adventure. From now until Spring Equinox I will be investigating the spiritual aspect.

If you also would like to journal and share we would love to share in your healing story.

Today we begin knowing spirit. We will look for spirit's face.

We begin by walking the path of love.


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Inspiring aspirations to connect with the healing aspect of self. A good day to begin.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you are set. I will keep you and your Sister in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you strength to go forward on your journey. Namaste.

Cathy said...

Sherry, I'll walking with you too

Chris said...

Dear Sherry, we are also on a journey here but may be a different path with a very elderly relative. I will walk with you when I can and will catch up if I fall behind :-) Sending a hug and a Christmas wish :-) x

Q said...

Dear Bonnie,
"Coyote Healing" came into my life right after my sister learned she had ovarian cancer. Lewis Mehl-Madrona writes about the inner healer and about miracles. He helps people take an intense healing journey. Some do not find cure but all find inner peace.
I am looking for my inner healer.
My sister is working on finding her miracle. Doing the journey with my sister and "on line" will help me stay focused.
Thank you for coming along on this adventure.

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you! Prayer is the greatest of power.
I hope to make this healing journey part of everything I do. It may take me a few weeks to figure out exactly how to make every breath a healing breath; every heart beat a healing beat. Learning the rhythm of my body, mind and soul is what I will be learning.
Each day I have word to think about. Today I am working with "faces". Looking for the face of love. I have a few photographs of me as a little one and I am gazing into her/my eyes...
Thank you for your friendship.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Thank you. I am excited to begin. I have thought about doing this for a few weeks. This is a way I can help my sister too. I cannot do her healing walk but I can walk beside her. I think we both will receive a miracle.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
These are hard days for you and your family. Your Father-in-law has been in your home for a very long time. May you and yours find comfort. Thank you for being near. Taking a Healing Journey is a powerful way to find meaning. I know my sister is very ill. Her chemo makes her tired and so very sick. Finding joy and love and laughter helps.
Sending you hugs and peace.
Merry Christmas.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful images.

Martha in PA said...

Beautiful post. I love the fountain pen. I can't find them in stores, but I love the feeling of writing with them. I need to look some more!

Thanks for stopping by my RTT post. I'm late replying, busy busy baking and stuff!

Sprite said...

Dearest Sherry,

This is a very significant journey you are sharing; and a timely one to begin on the 'Return of Light.'

Your words are precious and inspiring, so loving and gentle, deep and thoughtful.

There are no words to convey the depth of gratitude for your willingness to open yourself to others as you share your walk with love, grief and hope.

I may walk silently for months or even years at a time, but I still walk with you.

May the angels surround your sister and yourself with a blanket of grace to warm and comfort you now.



Wendy said...

Dear Sherry,
I love that you and your Sister are embarking on a Healing Journey together. I will walk with you, but keep to the Shadows, for you are walking a Sacred Path.

It is good to look to the East to begin. Our days lengthen. The light will guide you.

Let Brother Wind blow away darkness and pain...

Blessings on your journey,
Love & Light

Q said...

Dear Rajesh,
Thank you.
I enjoy beautiful!

Q said...

Dear Martha,
I found the pen at Borders Bookstore. It is a Pilot Varsity. It is an amazing writing pen. I hope to order some in different ink colors. I have the blue but would love a black.
Hope you are getting off to a great 2010!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I know you are near.
There are no words for the love I feel for my sister. I am blessed to be able to walk part of her journey with her. I am honored to share my healing journey with others and to open the door for miracles.
Thank you for your everyday love and kindness. I do not need to walk on water; walking on the earth is enough of a miracle for me.
Thank you for calling the angels. They are near.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Thank you for your kind support and love.
I so enjoyed thinking about Brother sibling brothers have been near, helping Judy or I when ever they are needed.
Finding the blessings has been easy so far....there is much love in my sister's life.