Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian sixteenth century painter,
conveys the idea of we are what we eat.

                              I am careful to eat organic balanced meals, yet, I still have digestion troubles. It is as if one of my humors is out of balance. I wonder why. It seems to have come upon me all of a sudden.
                                               I ask the question, "How can I get back in balance."

                         Perhaps I was having trouble digesting because of all the troubles in the world.
                                             Perhaps my trouble is a thinking disorder.

                                      Perhaps my thyroid gland is depleated after a long cold winter,
                                                                         or from stress.

I have read how enviromental stress can affect digestion.

I have questions so I seek answers.

I am learning about the body.
I am learning about the endocrine system.
I drink my ginger lemon tea.
I read.

I am learning about salt.
I asked the question, "How is sea salt harvested?"

When I read I keep a readers journal near by.
I always have questions.
I want to know about so many different topics.

I want to know about the insect, cochineal.
It is still used for a natural red dye.

I am working with my archetypes.
I have questions about them.

has chosen question for this week's word.
I have many, many questions.

I am having fun learning a few answers.


Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Questions are wonderful guides!

Cathy said...

maybe you just need give your brain a rest. Just do nothing but good off, it does the body good.

By the way, you need any snow, I have about 18 inches that needs a new home.

Wendy said...

Hope you soothe your digestive upsets soon. Have you read Louise Hay? She sometimes has answers for what is happening emotionally to the body.

Questions are a good way to learn. And there is so much to learn out there.

How is your dear sister? I hope she's feeling well.

Tammie Lee said...

questions are guides that lead us towards answers
the journey being huge
I wish you digestion that cares for all you eat. wishing you the best.

Chris said...

I hope you are feeling a little better, Sherry. I've heard the rainbow diet is a good one to follow though perhaps the long winter has cause some problems. Spring will be along soon. I remember how you said before that you like to sit outside with your rug and your flask :-) Maybe its time for a little bit of Sherry time.

marmee said...

i am in constant questioning~!
as i age i realize just how much i don't know and how many things there are to still explore.
i hope your ?'s lead you to the answers your body needs.
i definitely suffer emotionally during the winter...i wish i could just hibernate. seems it would be so much easier. i am seeing small signs of spring...i am so looking forward to it.
happy february.

Andrea said...

Thanks for visiting my site i found yours too. I have another photo almost similar to the 2nd here, i got it from FAO in Rome. It did not write the painter but i am sure he is commisioned to do it for FAO, will post it one of these days too. Moreover, Carolyn Myss is also one of my favorites. Do you believe in chance?

walk2write said...

I'm glad we don't know the answers to many of our questions. We would be complacent and isolative if we did. Daughter has been studying and practicing energy work as a massage therapist. It's a shame that more people don't trust it-- and other therapies like aromatherapy that incorporate it--when trying to relieve pain/stress/imbalance in their lives. I don't understand why people talk about God's power and strength and then dismiss it as the solution to their problems.