Thursday, February 4, 2010


It is too cold to be outside.
It is too wet.

I played in the dirt downstairs in my basement.

I started my Winter Sowing.

I gathered my seeds and containers.

Some of the seeds need to soak.

I will sow these tomorrow.

I know I am feeling better.
It has been two years since I did Winter Sowing.
It was fun to play in the dirt.

An old deck of playing cards was laying on my desk.

I needed a book mark so I glued a couple
playing cards together.

Creating and playing are the same for me.
I have so much fun when I am making something.

I am planning a play day.

It is just the two of us now.
We play very well together.
I am playing with my crayons.
Playing with color.

My marigold seeds are in the Bunny Box.
I am playing with seeds.
Thank you Deb for this week's word, "Play."
I am having fun.


Deb said...

Oh I LOVE your creative "Play" post. Starting your seeds in the basement & making book marks is so much fun :-)
Thank you for playing along this week Sherry xo

marmee said...

playing, creating is so important for a healthy mind, body and spirit. i love the photo of a nest for two. it feels calm...which is what i desire. i don't really know if it will ever be just the two of us around here until we are a lot older...but i do look forward to times by ourselves.
i am glad you have had time to play and refresh.
happy february.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry.....such a fun day.
It is good to get fingers in the dirt.

I planted lupins today......six.....I love their peppery fragrance.

Hope that your seeds do well.....

Wendy said...

I love creative play too! Haven't planted my seeds yet. It's still a wee bit too early. It's good to play in the dirt. I can hardly wait. I've saved seeds from my johnny-jump-ups and marigolds.

Chris said...

Playing in the garden should be on prescription for everyone :-)

Andrea said...

I love your pansies, lupins, grape hyacinths, primrose, lavanders, wisteria, lilies, but unfortunately, they dont belong to the tropics. Do you know that my favorite vegetables are also from temperate climes? of past lives, what do you say about that!..BTW, i am inviting you to look at my vivid colors of flowers from the tropics, esp when you have your winter months. thanks

Nishant said...

i do look forward to times by ourselves.

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