Thursday, February 18, 2010


Deep inside the shelter of the bud
the bloom of Spring waits.

It is sunny today.
I needed the shelter of my cap and sunglasses
when I sat on the deck.

The north breeze was cold but I sat on the south south side of the house.
I sat under the soffit that shelters me from rain.
The sun warms me on these end of winter days.

The Eastern Comma and the Question Mark
use the wood pile for shelter in the winter.
The female Cardinal finds shelter in the bushes.

The snow lays on the ground in sheltered areas of the garden.

This week Deb, from Posted From Home,
 has choosen "shelter" as our word.

Snow is in my forecast for tomorrow.
I will be seeking shelter!


dAwN said...

Nice use of the word Shelter..great post!
word verification..was Sweasons..

Wendy said...

Nice to sit out in the sun and enjoy those nourishing warm golden rays.

You've captured that cardinal so well.

Hope the snow doesn't last.

Cheryl said...

I love the wood pile.....I wonder what else may be lurking in there.....we just never really know, do we?

We are expecting more snow tomorrow. I am hoping there will not be too much, I leave for Cornwall early Monday morning.....

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm.......

Deb said...

Wood piles are perfect little shelters ...Beautiful "shelter" post ♥
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Sherry!

Judy said...

I love the female cardinal - just the way she has her head turned! And aren't you just so happy that spring is coming? I know I am!!