Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The shadow of the Oak tree reached across the front yard.

The gourds on the potting up table reached back to summer.

I reached into a myth.

The shadow fed my soul.

I reached towards Spring.

I reach to music for inspiration.

I reach into the eyes of nature

for guidance.

I reached into the interior of the bushes.

Inbetween the branches I reached.
I found her sitting.
I found rest and ease.

My friends have reached out to me.

They have sent healing crystals
and rattles.

I am reaching into different realms.

Healing happens when we are willing to live
 in the mind of the divine.

Healing happens when we are
open to the magic.

Healing happens when we care for our souls
and the souls of those we love.

I have been having wonderful conversations.
My soul has been reaching out and has been touched.

Deb, from Posted From Home,
has "reach" as our word for the week.
Thank you Deb.


Deb said...

Beautiful Reach post Sherry. I love the shadow your Oak tree has created & your tulips & so happy to hear your friends have reached out with lovely, healing thoughts ♥
Thank you for joining me this week.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Thank you. I was inspired by you today and Mother Nature gave her blessing!
Have a wonderful week. I am learning about color!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

What a lovely, HEALING post. Thank you.

Cheryl said...

Such a beautiful post Sherry. Why am I tearful?

I love the shadow of the mighty he stands.....

I cannot believe you chose colour therapy today as a subject. At the weekend I treated myself to some new clothes...the reason...colour therapy. I have bought sea green....blues......mustard.....
they all have meaning....I to am learning. I need colour in my life.....

The cardinal photographs are beyond words.....

A thought provoking post.....

Cheryl said...

BTW...tku for showing the shadow of the unicorn....bought back some lovely memories for me.....

Q said...

Dear Bonnie,
I am so happy you felt the healing energy! I am having lots of fun learning about colour.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
We are connected! The amethyst you sent me is a very beautiful gem stone. Thank you so very much for this healing gift. It is the color and the stone for the 6th chakra. You knew how important this healing crystal would be for me.
I am learning all the different healing ways. My colour study is just taking off. I have lots of ideas on how to use colour. I too will be getting new clothes. I want to make them. In my study of Fairy Tales I learned new clothes means transition. Perhaps we both are going through a transition.
The unicorn's shadow reminded me of you.

dAwN said...

Lovely post...and great photos as always!!
I too have a rainy day here in Arizona..and finally some decent internet for reading blogs...

Wendy said...

Your cardinal pics are truly exquisite! You have a way of capturing these birds...

Colour is so important. I'm glad you are healing with colour. Colours that soothe, that enliven, that heal.
I tend to wear bright clothes. Definitely not what most people here wear, especially in winter, but I find you need bright, cheerful colours in the winter.

What a treat to receive an amythest healing stone. They are very powerful. And the unicorn - for grounding, for stepping through the veil and for magic.

Beautiful and inspiring post.

Tammie Lee said...

you always touch us with the magic of color through your photos and words.
Oak trees are ancient friends of mine, to see the shadow and know you live with it makes me smile. sending love, Tammie

Nishant said...

I was inspired by you today and Mother Nature gave her blessing!

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