Monday, January 11, 2010


I am learning about my Archetypes.

I followed Caroline Myss instructions

                                     and casted my wheel and my 12 Archetypes.

I am learning about the Zodia houses and the connection with my chakras.

                                                        I am understanding myself better.

                                             I am working with my first house, Aris.
                                                       My Magical Earth Child resides here
                                                                     in the Spring.

It is my inner child that connects with the plants
and the bees and butterflies.
I am journaling.

My Angel is in my twelfth house.
Right near my child.
I have always known my Angels.

My Scholar is in my second house.

I now understand why I love to learn.
I also understand why I like books and boxes!
I understand why I study different cultures and collect different items.
I am gathering symbols of the different Archetypes

I worked a bit on my treasure map.
I added ribbon segments for each month and each Archetype.
The wheel is a perfect symbol for me.
I am still following the medicine wheel. I am working on my Sacred Contracts.

My sister sent a thank you note.
She goes back to work today.
I am sending her strength.

My Mother archetype is in my seventh house.
My Artist is in my fifth house.
I think I will go play with my Artist!


Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry...this study is so interesting. I can follow this, which is lovely.
My mother taught me about astrology at an early age.....father was interested in astromony.....I felt balance.

I was born in the twelth house.....I am an emotional being....I live to feel......and feel to live.

I have also learnt about the homeopathe and I have had many discussions regarding this.

Most of my problems lie with the heart chakra....I feel others pain. The homeopathe tells me that I have to learn to let go. I cannot do this.....but I shall keep trying.

I am glad that your sister is able to go back to work. I think of her often and send many blessings to her, and you, of course.

Deb said...

How fascinating Sherry. I love the treasure map you are creating!
So happy to hear that your sister is returning to work ♥
Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.

Wendy said...

How interesting! I like this wheel. Will do some research as I don't know much about this.

I'm happy your sister feels strong enough to go back to work. Hopefully, things will keep getting better. She is lucky to have you for a sister. And you are blessed with her as well.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
I am new to all of these ways. I am in love too!
I have learned much about me and the whys of my life.
As I journey into healing I am learning how to have balance.
The twelth house is the house my Angels reside in. I am working every morning for an hour learning about each of the houses and my Archetypes.
I also feel others pain. It is very hard to let it go.
Today I am working on my root chakra and wearing red. Red for passion and warmth! Red for love.
Thank you for your loving kindness.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I have found the perfect way to organize all that I love! I knew a wee bit about the zodiac and the chakras but not how the archetypes fit in.
The treasure map is fun! I started another segment today,
February 1st.
Thank you for your support.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
"Sacred Contracts" has changed my life. I am so happy to finally understand not only why I love the things I do but how to aid in my healing.
I am wearing red today....I was cold.
Hope you are able to get the book and learn about your archetypes. I have two friends that also are casting their wheels and learning about their archetypes. We are talking and sharing our experiences. It is very fun!

Andrea said...

Hello Deb, i am new here came via your comment somewhere, was attracted by your butterfly photo profile. I love butterflies too and tried to study them so i can have a butterfly farm when time allows. I saw you are also interested in things you posted here, we are kindred spirits after all, and finding your blog is not by chance. Caroline Myss is also a favorite. Your photos are great, just bought a DSLR and hopefulle get some photos like yours in the future. regards.