Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am watching the tulips emerge in my indoor garden.

I am looking forward to seeing my treasure map fill in.

I am planning my tea garden

and my teas.

I am looking forward to being with Deb from Posted From Home
on Wednesdays.

She is hostessing A Word a Week Wednesday
in 2010.
This week we hold anticipation in our thoughts.
Thank you Deb for this fun meme.


Deb said...

I love your "Anticipation" post Sherry. The first of 52 exciting! I will look forward to visiting Walking In Beauty and seeing your Word A Week Posts...Thank you for joining me ♥

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry....I have read several sorry that I missed them. I must put 'walking in beauty' on my blog roll.

Japanese tea gardens are wonderful. I use my little summer house as a tea room. I love favourite is Redbush, it does not contain caffeine and is full of anti-oxidants. It would be a good tea for your sister to drink. I was first introduced to it while visiting South Africa.

marmee said...

dear sherry,
i love the look of your treasure map...what is the idea behind it?
what will you be filling it up with?
i also love the fact you will be planting a tea garden...that intrigues me. keep me posted on what you are planting in there>?
enjoy your word a week...anticipation is great place to start.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I am looking forward to walking on Wednesdays with you in 2010.
While I am on my Healing Journey with my sister it is nice to take a break and relax with friends.
See you on Wednesday.

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
No worries...ever. I chose to post about my inner journey here so that Corner could stay more about the birds and bugs and blooms...
I shall look into Redbush tea. I have seen the red teas at the market. I will get Judy some for her Chemo treat bag. I have a little surprise for her for her next treatment.
Thank you for your kind and loving support. It is the love of family and friends that is my source of strength.
May we both stay strong,

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
My treasure map is a visual way for me to record my healing journey this year. I have begun on the East side of the map (spirit) with some dried baby's breath from my Birthday flowers. I also added two pictures of different chocolates my husband gave me, a lavender infused one and a rosemary infuse...both are yummy and both are my herbs for healing. The treasure map also has a picture of a wind sculpture I am looking forward to adding to my gardens. I am adding pictures and words that inspire me. I have a picture of a bee on my board! I added ribbon so as I move from one month to the next I can create my circle. I am using the concept of the wheel and twelve spokes. Since my cork board is a rectangle, not a circle, I am using the perimeter as the area to create a collage. It will develop as I develop over the next year.
I began my tea garden many years ago! I add to it each year.
This year I want to create another spoke of my tea/medicine garden. I need a spot to relax with my tea. I have a couple of patios and I think I want to re-do one of them.
I will keep you posted. I already grow much of my herb teas. They are my medicine. I never seem to have enough lavender or mint! I will need to plant more. I also grow chamomile, fennel, rosemary and echinacea (cone flowers). My yard is small so I have to be careful. I have plants for the bees and the butterflies and birds too. I grow lots of hosts plants for the butterflies. I lost almost all of my roses a few years ago to a too early Spring. I am planning on replacing some of them this year. I need roses for my rose water and the hips for my teas.
I also want to grow a dyers garden and flax to spin! Somewhere in all of this I have my veggies too.
I may need to put in a new flower bed! I also would love to find a spot for a pear tree and a fig tree if I can find a fig that will survive my zone 5 freezing temps....
Garden dreaming is always a favorite winter sport.
Hope you are staying warm.

Sylvia K said...

Yes, I have to add you to my blog roll, too. I love your photos and do so appreciate your visits and comments. Hope you've had a great holiday season! Enjoy!


Wendy said...

Spring bulbs bring anticipation, as does this new year. You have a lot of wonderful projects going on, Sherry. So many good books to try.
Stay Strong, keep warm,
Warm wishes to your sister.

Q said...

Dear Sylvia,
It is a litle quieter over here on Walking in Beauty! So happy you have joined us. I also feel as if here I can respond to comments a bit better than on Corner.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I almost always have stacks of books to read. I love to learn so often my books are non-fiction. I just started learning how to do Chinese Knots.....very fun indeed.
I shall post about them on Artful Life.
I want to make decorative knots on my prayer rope.
There also is a very exciting "new to me" life-way I have just begun. It dove-tails nicely with my Healing Way.
I shall be posting about it later today.....
Thank you for your warm wishes.
It has been so very cold here.
May you also stay warm and well.
Staying strong.