Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have been thinking all day
about Deb's word for this week,

This afternoon I took a children's puzzle book and made it into a box.

                        I cut all the puzzles out but the last one.

                                                               It is the bottom of my box.

                               I glued ribbon around the paperboard inside edge.

                                                           I glued all the pages together.

I needed a box for my Archetype, Magical Earth Child's things.
I often have feathers and seed pods and other wonders from walks.
Having a place to gather things will be nice.

There is other organizing happening at my house.
I have deemed the red satin boxes are just perfect for my Chinese knot making supples.
The stork scissors are just for my knot making.
Having everything I need in one place will simplify knot making.

                                              Knitting with homespun yarn is a simple pleasure.

Watching the evening come
is a simple activity that connects me to the moment.

Organizing is helping me simplify my life.
Learning about my Archetypes is helping me on my healing journey.
Thank you Deb for reminding me to simplify.
Visit her post at Posted From Home.


Deb said...

So creative Sherry! I love the box you have created to hold your found treasures. Thank you for joining me on Wednesdays ♥

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry
The box is wonderful......a box full of fairies. So very pretty....full of nature's gifts. The greatest gift of all.

The satin box and little scissors speak of the artist in you......I am honoured to walk your journey.

I try to in the moment is something else I try to achieve (I do not always succeed).

A wildlife gardener said...

Happy New Year, dear Sherry :)

What a wonderfully creative person you are...bless you for sharing it all :)

Wendy said...

All day yesterday, the word "simplify" came into my mind. I must simplify my home. It's too cluttered. But what to do with all my doodads? They're pretty. I like them. But there are just too many. I need to give them away, or put them away or both. The energy is scattered in my home.

I love your new box. You have such good creative ideas.
I'm intrigued with your chinese knots.

Talking To My Soul said...

I absolutely love it. Here is a camera which works better than a pen. So prolific...


Nishant said...

.full of nature's gifts. The greatest gift of all.

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