Monday, January 18, 2010


We went to the Nelson Art Gallery.

Our gallery is world reknown for it's Chinese Art collection.

Many times it was mentioned in this gogreous book.

                                           I am studying the Asian way in January.

                                                           I went looking for Kuan Yin.

My porceline statues are not as exquisite as those at the gallery but I love mine.

I am looking for the Goddess.

I was raised with Mary, Mother of God.
I know her.

  In my book "Sacred Symbols"
Mary is known by many names.

She is human and becomes divine like the Bodhisattvas
in Buddhism.

I was raised with these myths.

I did not know about Lady Day.
I am adding March 25th to my March special days.
I will do some research and see how this day is celebrated.
Perhaps there are Lady Day cakes.
I wrote about this in my journal.
For now my Goddess is Mary and
Quan Yin.
I love them both.

I finished reading
"Traveling with Pomegrantes."
Sue Kidd is searching for the Goddess too.

I found a book at the used bookstore.
It spoke to me.

I did not know my lists were correspondences.

I have been creating my own for years.
Now I am creating a correspondance for my Archetypes.

I will add to my lists as I learn about each Archetype.

I have stamps of the symbols of the zodiac.

I will learn what these symbols mean.
I think they are old correspondences.

I want to learn how to draw Mandalas.
I know these as the Flower of Life.
I do not know the history.

At the Gallery I saw fantastic ancient artifacts
of the Chinese Scholar.

I do not know the face of my
I am searching.

I saw this magnificent Scholar's writing desk

and this Scholar's box.

I can just imagine what once was in it.
I shall gather my pens and ink into a lovely box.
I would love to make ink like the ancients did.
I read how they took soot and water from their rice cooking and pine sap
mixed together and made a paste.
They would mold the paste into cakes or sticks.

I have been reading about the symbols in ancient China.

I have a few stamps and chops.

When I was very young my Grandmother sent me a picture of St. Ann.
She is the Mother of Mary.
She is my patroness.

I am gathering my icons.
I am seeing the face of the Goddess.
Sometimes she has a lotus blossom
and sometimes she has a halo of stars
and a crescent moon.

I wrote in my Goddess correspondence
Athena is associated with the bee.
I wonder if Mary like the bee?


Wendy said...

What a lot of soul-searching you are doing, Sherry. So much good information here. I would also like to explore making mandalas and I find the Chinese culture fascinating.

My grandmother's name was Ann. She died when my father was a boy, so I never knew her. I just know that my dad loved her dearly. She used to make gingerale for her family. That's about all I know of her. Thank you for bringing back this memory. I haven't thought about her in years (never seen a picture of her either).

marmee said...

you are definitely on a journey...where it will take you is to be discovered.
i was raised a baptist with Jesus. He is my rock and my center. my faith in Him has sustained me. my adult life has been filled with some hard challenges but i find my peace is beyond understanding with Him. i think of you and your sister often.
happiness in january is my hope for you both.

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry...a very deep and meaningful post. I read a book many years ago...passage to was about soul searching and what we need as woman. It taught me a great deal and it was at this time that I became fully aware of who I 'really was' Many friends fell by the wayside....they did not understand.....I took my journey alone and was very happy to do so.

Japanese art is just so simple and incredibly beautiful. I have a beautiful buddha carved from son bought it back from northern Thailand....he stayed in the forests and a local man carved it for him...he knew I would love is just so beautiful.

Chris said...

Sending a Hug, Sherry

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I so admire the way you can express your deepest thoughts.

Mary has certainly intervened for me regarding my family. She is a major blessing.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Learning about the different archetypes that are part of my life wheel has been an amazing journey. I have made a commitment to this learning way.
I have the intructions on drawing the mandalas. I would like to do a couple to use for meditation.
The Chinese culture is amazing. I also like the Japanese.
My paternal Grandmother's name was Mary Ann. I am a Sharon Ann. My grandmother lived in a different city and died when I was young. I never developed an intimate relationship with her. Now I am!
It is never too late to get to know the old ones.May your Grandmother come to you.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I am on a healing journey with my sister. She is doing hers her way; I mine. We both are walking in spirit. Judy also knows Jesus as her savior. She feels the arms of God about her.
I walk with Angels and often feel the sorrows of the world.
My spirit soars with joy and my soul lays down with the cold and hungry with compassion as our blanket.
I celebrate all the different walks.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. More work is done by prayer than this world knows of!

Q said...

Dear Cheryl,
When my sister learned she had cancer she asked me to help her. I decided to walk with her as she began her hero journey.
I have walked with others and have learned much about the ways of the world and the ways of letting go.
It is amazing to me how important my on line friends are. By posting here about this walk I am sharing and reaching out. It is a dance we dance. It is a song we sing.
Living in synchronicity is living in the divine mind. I love it.
Thank you for your un-ending friendship and loving kind thoughts. I bet your Buddha is beautiful...even more so since it is hand made and choosen by your son for you. The stories of our icons are what makes the icons sacred.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you. You are a dear heart.
Sometimes I am very tired and need to rest for a few days in between being with my sister. My husband is home now and helps with the house chores.
Thanks for the hugs,

Q said...

Dear Lisa,
I find the way the Gods and Goddesses have changed over the years and cultures just facinating. Mary's story is a wonderful story. I was raised Catholic and remember our May Day crowning of Mary. It wasn't until I was in High School I learned about May Day and the pagans...bless the pagans hearts. We have the best of holidays because of them!
My prayer rope beads are coming along. I now can make the Chinese button knot pretty well. Soon I will string a few rose beads and do a few knots. I will post when I do!

Nishant said...

I so admire the way you can express your deepest thoughts.

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