Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For the love of the bloom

I love mums.
I think they are lovely.

They are not a good nectar choice for the butterflies,
yet I still love them. I love their bloom.
Just the flower for the sake of the flower.

I have read that the blooms are used for tea.
I shall dry some.
Perhaps I can justify growing them if they make good tea.
I like herb tea.

We had a quick thundershower again this morning.
A burst of rain that lasted maybe 20 minutes

We already had high humidity and heat.

Thank goodness the wind picked up.

The butterflies continue
to come into the gardens.

The asters are beginning to bloom.
They are a good Autumn food sourse.

New sunflowers continue to open.
One of my favorite meditations is sitting with a sunflower and watching the petals open.

We welcome Virgo today.
Happy Birthday to those born under her.

I have begun working in my Virgo journal.
I am learning about my relationship with the stars.

I am made from the stuff stars are made from.
I am a daughter of the stars.


sarah said...

I like mums,too. Mums have scent all its own, so I like it. Also a mum is the coat of arms of the Japan's Emperor.
Although it's still hot, Virgo has rolled as you say. So cool Autumn will come soon.
Your photos are beautiful as usual.
Thank you for sharing lovely lives in your garden.

Cathy said...

all of your photos are really beautiful :)

Suz said...

beautiful photos
lovely garden
happy virgo days

tableandtop.com said...

Great photos!

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Blue bird said...

What a surprise! I was born to serve Virgo!!!! Thank you everybody for the greeting. Virgo is the Mother of Earth.
I am very happy when the Earth is treated kindly, but very sad when the humans don't obey Nature's rules.
This blog is my favored, thank you Sherry to be so good in many ways!
Your blog is a star on a very distinct way! Love from Virgo's Blue bird :)))))))))

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Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Mums are a favourite of my fathers.
Each year he buys them....he likes the strong colours the blooms offer.
Sometimes it is good to just enjoy flowers that we like......

Poppi is a virgo.......sweet child.....she is a child of the earth.

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Tammie Lee said...

so many lovely photographs. I had never heard of mum tea. I will have to look it up and try it some day. So lovely that you had some summer rain. I would love for us to get some also.... so hot for so long and wild fires have begun, not many and yet they love the dry.... Happy Virgo days indeed!

Alternative Medicine said...

wow, beautiful photos