Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Morning Glories and Hummingbirds

A gentle breeze from the northwest is keeping our high temperatures in the 80's.
A welcome break from the heat.

I sat with the Morning Glories this morning.

Sitting with Morning Glories and Hummingbirds

is delightful.

The flowers are lovely in the early morning light.
They turn their throats to the sun.

I love the way the Morning Glories call to the bees

and the Hummingbirds.

They call to me too.


Shannon Marie said...

Beautiful photos, I love watching hummingbirds too!

jonesynyc said...

How pretty! I love morning glories. I love how they grow so carefully choosing their path. I have a hummingbird that comes to the window boxes every morning when I am making my usual cup of earl grey tea. I think I should name him something. We are becoming friends. =)

Wendy said...

What a lovely morning you had. The colours of your morning glories are so vivid and pretty. I like that determined little hummer too.

sarah said...

Hi, Walking in beauty.
I've never seen hummingbird. They are not in Japan, maybe. But small body and deep green back and long bill are cute.
Thank you for sharing a hummingbird.
Have a fabulous days!

Cheryl said...

Dear Sherry,

Such exquisite images. I love the first two........they look unreal. I wish I could be with hummingbirds......walking your garden. Perhaps another year. Who knows what is around the corner.

Morning Glories are such pretty flowers. I love our native Bindweed with it's lovely white blooms. I remember visiting a stately home once and bindweed was happily growing through some shrubs. I mentioned to the gardener that I was surprised to see it in such a place.
He replied "Oh, the owner loves it, it will stay in the gardens"
Music to my ears :)

Vetsy said...

I love the photos they are beautiful. I love hummingbirds too but don't get to see them as often.

grammie g said...

Your second photo is absolutely amazing ..I love it !!

They are all great captures....they are so busy ..hard to get good images!!
Very nice

Rishika Sharma said...

amazing clicks!

Judy said...

Sherry, those shots of the hummers and the morning glories are just beautiful! I enlarged them so I could really savour the details! My favourite is the second one - I think it is just the position of her wings!!

Mizuho said...

How pretty! I love birds.

Anonymous said...

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