Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Windy Morning

It was very windy this morning.

I did not mind.

The wind felt refreshing.

We have sprouts in the Autumn vegetable garden.

I love walking the gardens and finding dragonflies
and Hummingbirds.

I will miss the Summer birds
 and Summer bugs come Winter.

She just shimmered in the light.
I think that is star dust on her wings.


Rasan said...

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cathy said...

Good lord, what happened to that red bird. Looks like a cardinal was that prize winning fight and lost.

Also a new poem on the blog too.

Wood Family said...

That is simply beautiful! I love all the photos... The last one of the black and blue butterfly is my favorite though. :-)
Beth Joy

sarah said...

These are beautiful photos and the wing of a butterfly pushed by strong window are caught. I watched about butterfly cross a channel on TV. Their wings are so strong,aren't they?

Wendy said...

I think it's stardust too! How sweet! Love your dear little hummers. I will miss them too. I don't see many these days.
Lovely pics, as always.

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origa-me said...

LOL the Cardinal, he is so windswept, hope it is keeping him cool.

Judy said...

Oh, my goodness, Sherry! I almost missed that cardinal! He looks so funny with his feathers blown every which way!

dAwN said...

Hee hee..I am still cracking up..that cardinal looks nuts! :o

Anonymous said...

nice photo =)