Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I really do care.

I took Chris's suggestion and watched the Moon this morning.
I thought long and hard.
How would I get the excitement of house and garden back?
How could I once again be interested in clothes and looking pretty?
I have struggled just to get the laundry done each week.
I love the birds and the butterflies. I love the flowers and the herbs.
I love walking around with my harvest basket snipping and picking our supper.
I love getting the bins out every month and seeing the items again.
I really do care.

I came in and began cleaning the house.
I scrubbed the floors and the bathrooms.
I dusted and vacuumed the carpets.
I did all the laundry.
The entire time I thought about what I wanted.
I thought about color.

All of my walls are white.
They always have been white.
When we repaint we use the same color, white.
I am ready for color!

After lunch I went outside and worked in the flowerbed by the front porch.
While I worked I listened to the birds sing and watched skippers come to the freshly planted snapdragons.
I thought about what I wanted.
I thought about how to make each growing spot beautiful.

I was hot and dirty and tired.
I took a shower and went to the deck.
I let the wind dry my hair.
I thought about how I could be pretty again.

I wear mostly black. I need new clothes.
I am ready for color!

I remembered the pretty nail file I bought a few weeks ago.
I had not used it yet.
It is etched glass.

I gathered together my nail things.
While I spent time with the birds I filed my nails..
I am thinking blue.

Thank you.
I appreciate your support.
I do think change is coming.

I can hear the trees.
I can feel the energy of the wind.
I made an appointment for a facial.


Chris said...

Enjoy your facial Q and your day out :-)

Deb said...

Enjoy your day Q!

Q said...

Hi Chris,
I am not going until July, but I am looking forward to my "Day of Beauty".

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I added a massage to the event and a hair cut.
Maybe I will get a new outfit too!
Time to love the body.

smilnsigh said...

We know you really care, Dear. And so do we, care about you. I'm so happy you are finding yourself again.

Oh yes color. Oh I so hope adding color to your walls, will be wonderful for you. I love my favorite colors so much. I can't imagine life, without them around me. So I so want you to try color...

I want you to be feeling good again. That is my first want. Maybe color will help. Maybe color has been calling you, and now, you heard the song.


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Oh, the "song of color"!!
Yes!!! I am so happy you said that!
I know a bit about the energy of color, the waves. I know a bit about light, the waves. I am learning about sound too, again the waves....
Thus the song of color.
I am listening now..
Thank you for your hugs and your care.

Sprite said...


Dearest One,

Perhaps you could paint your walls in the colors of flowers that you love, giving tribute to those that have been lost to you. You can add aromatherapy oil directly to your paint, and voila! You will have the color, scent and vibration of that which you love dearly close to you, indoors.

As it has come time for air conditioning, you will feel and smell the beauty that is and always will be 'right there' for you.

Use your walls as canvases, and paint your feelings. Adore your body, and ‘be’ with whatever comes next.

Take a bath with your favorite new stones or old flower friends that you cherish.

Drink tea, and hold yourself while allowing 'Mother, and Grandmother' to hold you. Know that you are loved beyond anything that you can imagine, and that this dark night will pass.

If you haven't seen the movie "How To Make An American Quilt," perhaps you could wrap up in a blanket and watch it. It is such a lovely movie full of depth, love, loss and resolution. It is also an affirmation of finding beauty and finishing life’s undertakings that we thought we had lost, or not completed with one act of passion for what ever it is that makes your heart sing.

All that you are is Beautiful! You truly walk in beauty, and truth.

This truth in you, as I see it is ‘beautiful and opening,’ though it may be difficult to remember - there is a rainbow in your soul. For you are all the colors of 'Love.'

Holding you in peace, and love, wrapping you in warmth, and comfort~

I am always here for you my dear friend.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
All of your words are so kind and supporting..they bring tears of joy to me. I shall do as you suggested. I shall paint my walls (have walls painted) in all the shades of the rainbow; I shall drink flower teas and bathe in flowered water with my cherished rocks...
I will feel the arms of
Grandmother wrapped around me. I shall dance and sing and be me!
As solstice approaches I feel energy again.
Thank you for walking with me. Our inner walk can be dark sometimes. It is nice to know you are here holding the light. I am never alone.

Sprite said...


Dear One,

If we could all truly 'know' that we are never alone, it would bring so much comfort, wouldn't it?

I 'know' this in my heart.

I am so thankful.

In Gratitude and Lovingly,