Thursday, June 14, 2007

Memorial For The Plants

For the memorial service my daughter sent a card.
It is a picture of her "Plant".
Plant is in her fourth growing season.
She is in a hanging basket that my husband and I gave
when our daughter moved into a new house.
Plant has now moved to another new house and a new city.
Plant blooms.
Plant is loved.

I began digging out the dead Rosemary plants this morning.
One is the foundation for a tray scape.
A bouquet of lavender is the centerpiece.
For the Roll Call of the Plants that Died I added my daughter's photo card and a bloom from my Red Geraniums. A piece from one of my son's plants joined the tray as did my sandcastle incense burner. At one o'clock pm CDT I called my friend.
I rang my bell three times and called in the memories of the plants.
I lit the sage incense my son had sent and a small piece of the Rosemary.
I began the Roll Call.
My friend was my witness.
I rang my bell and said my thank you.

While I was removing my dead Rosemary I saw some new side shoots.
The Rosemary lives.

Today is not a begin again
it is a continue forward.
The Rosemary hedge will slowly grow again.

I honored my plants.
I honored my friend's plants.
I honored all that did not bloom.

Nature is always beginning anew.

Thank you for being my witness.
Thank you for honoring with me.


Housefrau said...

I remember. I remember when the Rosemary started. I remember when the Heathers came. I remember the plants that surrounded me in our backyard as I grew up.

And when I go about the world, I recognize varieties of plants from when I was young, and it's like my childhood backyard embraces me no matter where I am.

Plants continue forward. As do we.

Thank you for sharing your memorial.

Q said...

Dear Housefru,
Thank you for making and sending your card. Having you and Plant be a part of the Roll Call was very special for me.
I think we could have a tea party and invite friends and their Plant!
That would be very fun.
Although it has become "hot and humid" here I am going outside now and working. I want to clean the gardens. Time to make pretty.
The Queen Ann's Lace is blooming....Summertime.
Love always,

Sheila said...

This is a touching tribute to life in all it's variety.
That your son and daughter share your feelings is testament to the parent you are.
My mother always said she was nearer God's heart in her garden, it was a favourite quote of hers.
Thank you for sharing..

Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

We will all be your 'Sacred Witness' to life and it's unfolding.

With Love and Remembrance,


Cathy said...

Sorry about you plants. That was a great idea to a memorial for them. You can get attached to them.

I had a woman tell me yesterday at work, she lost $300 worth of plants. So instead of rebuying them. She just got out her artifial flowers and "planted" them in her window boxes instead.

Chris said...

I don't really know what to say, I have never experienced the same thing here but I am watching and reading your blog and I am sorry you had such a sad time. I will think of your rosemary often and I will have a rosemary in my garden too.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
Yes, we are closest to God's heart when we are in our gardens. I would have enjoyed your Mother very much.
My daughter and son have grown to be very kind and compassionate people.
Thank you for understanding and your care.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I never thought about having people share in my rituals, tributes, blessings or memorials. These events for me, have always been inside. The children and my husband knew. They would be part of the processions and the burying and the fires. We would have our songs and our tears. Sometimes we would laugh as we scattered the rose petals.
It is remarkable to me to have sacred witnesses.
Thank you. Wow!
I am so glad I shared the pain and the renewal.
We will remember together.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
I too am quiet. To speak out and tell is different. Thank you for your compassion.
LOL... I do not do the silk flowers but I do understand. I guess she could spray them with sugar water for the butterflies.
I do not spend very much money usually. I do seed to seed and when I do buy a plant I try to take good care of it.
Thanks for the laugh. It is nice to laugh.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I would never want you to lose treasured plants!! It is sad.
Thank you for thinking of Rosemary.
She is very special. In my zone Rosemary is not supposed to be hardy. This plant and all of her off spring was. I am so tickled to still have a wee bit growing. It will take a few years of layering and propagating to reestablish the hedge but I will and today I rejoice, the Rosemary lives.
We will grow Rosemary together. I love that.
Thank you for being a plant person too.