Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chorus of color

Mockingbird was with me
this morning.

I walked in my neighborhood.

The trees are at peak color.

Standing under them
is standing in nature's cathedral.
Listening to them is hearing the song of October.

The leaves are beginning to fall.
October is leaving in a blaze of color.


Sprite said...


Nature's cathedral, I love that. It makes me want to be very very quiet, and just listen.

The trees are gorgeous, and the leaves whether on the tree or the ground are just captivating.

Oh, I feel so fortunate to be walking with you in October, one of my favorite months of the year.

Thank you for leading the walks, and capturing such enduring beauty for anyone who wishes - to see.

Thank you my friend,

Much love~


Chris said...

Your leaves are beautiful. I hope to walk on Sunday and find leaves to photograph.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
It is so very beautiful outside that all I want to do is sit with the trees!
It has been a grand month. We have walked many miles.
Thank you for joining me each day.
Shall we take a spin around the block in November? Should we walk in the woods in November?
I love November too. I love the light.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I will look forward to seeing photos of your leaves. Autumn is a wonderful time of year. I have not had frost yet. As soon as we do I bet the leaves will fall.